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    Ok so.....Yesterday i got home and decided to do some hypnosis, i came across this interesting file called "anti potty training" on warp my mind, most hypnosis's dont work on me and i figured this would be the same.

    well, to my surprise, it worked. I listened to the file twice in a row, i usually do because of my adhd it makes it hard so doing it twice helps idk why. I went shopping and came home, sat down and was playing video games aobut 5 hours later when i went to adjust what i thought was an uncomfortable position for my lady pole(i'm trans) and reachd down to find out i was full out urinating, there was nothing i could do about it so i just counted how long i kept peeing, it was 27 seconds, which is a long time IMO considering i didnt feel like i had to pee at all.

    Now i like wearing diapers, but i only wear them in private, now that i um...have had 3 accidents so far (it is about 21 hours since i listened to the hypnosis (i listned to it one more time before bed too). If i'm going to be in diapers so much what am i going to do for work since i work in retail and a diaper would be super obvious with our dress code. and what about my parents? i currently live with them again bcause of bad times, what do i tell them? today i went and got a 20 pack of diapers from walmart to help for a while while i'm at home, for work should i just try to make it in time or???

    I like being incontinent but how do i tell my parents "hey btw i'm incontinent all of the sudden because i hypnotised myself last night thinking it wouldnt work and it did?"
    my parents would be mad!!

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    hypnotism is not magic, it reinforces self beliefs with suggestions.
    So, whatever happens, happens because you want it to happen.
    therefore, stop listening and tell yourself that you want your normal behavior back. Also, on WMM there are files that undo programming, just search for them.

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    The old perveribal saying careful what you wish for or it will happen LOLOL And a Legal Term called cavet emptour let the listener beware of unintended consequences. I worked retail fully diapered you will be fine. Relax . However I strongly urge all current and future ADISC members NOT to listen or watch those type of videos on youtube or other forms of media there can be some major medical complications that come from those videos especially if you have eplipipsy conditions. I truly cannot understand how and why people want to do harm to themselves.

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    Am I the only one that thinks this is about as real as that other guy who magically found a used rearz on a plane and decided to wear it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennecfox View Post
    Am I the only one that thinks this is about as real as that other guy who magically found a used rearz on a plane and decided to wear it?
    Miss that guy; I hope he makes a comeback someday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helix View Post
    Miss that guy; I hope he makes a comeback someday.
    he stuck around long enough to get established, every new story sounded crazier then the last, maybe the hypno finally fully turned him into a baby girl and he lost the ability to type That said this poster is also trans,
    strange coincidence we have such a sudden influx of 18 year olds who are getting sex changes/had sex changes and experimenting with hypnosis and flocking here to talk about what they are doing.
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    I find it hard to believe. That i could listen to a message on a tape that would alter any function of my bowl or bladder to do otherwise that has been trained for more then 60 years.

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