This is a community wear you can ether sit back and chat or you can

This is a community for anyone who is 18+ but keep in mind that that dose not mean it is adult theme. So please keep it PG13

I would like to invite you all to it and at this moment in time I am looking for mods Admins and even special members.
So feel free to come and join in. I also would appreciated if some mods and admins could be a admin and mod on this server but you do not have to.
Here is the invite it expires every 30 minutes but hopefully I made it so it will not do that

I got the idea from one of the mebers when they said why not make a Discord group for RPing.

This is inportaint if you have not got a Discord account you will be prompted to make one and you will not be able to do anything with it until you have made a account