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Thread: What Diapers and Baby Wipes do you use?

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    Default What Diapers and Baby Wipes do you use?

    Just curious as to what people wear and what baby wipes they use.
    For me, I wear Drynites and I use Johnson's Baby Wipes.

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    Well, I wish I could fit into Huggies diapers for one. But for the wipes, I use Huggies simply clean wipes. As for the diapers. I have ABU Simple and Dry 24/7s.

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    Johnsons wipes for sure, prefer the lightly scented ones.

    Diaper wise I prefer ABUs vintage range but also love ABUs Premium range, MyDiaper Night range and Kolibri Comslip.

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    I use the Tena ones.
    As for the diapers, I mostly use Attends the Overnight breathable ones. Sometimes I wear the Plastic Backed Abena X-Plus Large.

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    I wear GoodNites and Equates adult diapers (Wal-Mart Brand in Canada) to cover them and stop any leaks, and I love Parents Choice Baby-Wipes, they are my favorites, I use them along with toilet paper when going #2 on the potty (I don't do this in diapers not my cup of tea), I never feel clean enough with just regular toilet paper.

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