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Thread: have you been sick on a forum? And if so what was the stupidest thing you posted?

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    Default have you been sick on a forum? And if so what was the stupidest thing you posted?

    I've been curious, have ANY of you been sick and were on a forum? And if you what was the dumbest thing you posted. Also, when you were sick did your grammer and spelling suffered?

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    I've been sick and still posted. I don't think my grammar and spelling suffered, however. That is one thing that I have always been good at, and rather anal about. The only real change is that I have to decide how to spend my energy. Sometimes I just don't get involved in discussions I otherwise would because I just don't feel like putting in the effort.

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    No, my posting habbits don't really change when im sick.

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    I think the stupidest thing I've ever posted on the internet was "wwo iam sooooo drrunk rihgty now"

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    Yes, I have been sick and posted on a forum (not this one in particular, but others). Like Huggies1998, my posts don't really change though.

    Gosh, the worst thing I've ever posted? That is a good question. Probably something that was insulting to another user because I was in a bad mood or something. I'm not sure though : /

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    Don't see how being sick could affect your ability to type, and yes, been on a forum while sick, several times in fact.

    Stupidest thing I've ever posted was probably some stuff I posted on the WoW forums calling for Blizzard's CEO to be stabbed...

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    The worst thing I ever posted wasn't when I was sick, but it was when I was like 13 (that explains a lot right there). Old-school message board (predecessor of today's forums). They supported HTML coding. I posted an ASCII picture of a middle finger. . .surrounded by the <marquee> coding so it flew across the screen from left to right. Hilarious at the time, but, yeah. Nothing like a middle finger flying across the screen repeatedly. Actually, that's still a funny thought, even today, haha.

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    The worst thing I ever posted was we don't care. Shit almost banned me.

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    Yes, I have posted on a forum while I was sick and my posts never changed. Spelling and everything was all good.

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