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    Just like to introduce myself. My name is Leo, Brony, Musician, Gamer etc. and i'm here to try and open myself up more to the community. I've been into this sort of thing for as long as i can remember. Feels like another community i can feel whole and be myself in. But i have to admit, i'm sorta nervous and a bit shy. I did shy away once before and backed off on making new friends into the community due to a bad experience several years ago.

    It was 2012 was on a site called DeviantART, (Created an account in 2010) I wanted to indroduce myself in the community and talk to peoplet So wanted to join at the time popular ABDL group on there. I clicked request to join, about an hour later i got a note from one of the admins saying they refused to let me join because they supposedly checked my favourites and i didn't have any ABDL related favorites, and he assumed i was a troll and blacklisted me. I did take it personally and felt offended and rejected I am willing to try again to not make any mistakes and hopefully get a different result.

    Thank you.
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    Hi and welcome to the site. You wrote a good introduction. You'll get treated a lot better here, I'm sure. What kind of music do you like? I'm a professional musician, classically trained, but I played in a very good rock, cover band for 15 years.

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    Hello Dogboy. nice to meet you. Some of my favorite genres are folk, hard rock, i do enjoy some 90's rap music and sole old classics from the 50's and 60's. I did recently take an electronic music course. My college has a pretty great music program. It was a little challenging at firts, but i now know how to use a mixer and use programs such as Logix Pro X. I passed with flying colors

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