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    Well not sure of the station But it called My Crazy Ex. but it was funny. This woman meets a guy and has a relationship with him. He invites her to his house. The guy seems well off and everything. He show her the house there one room he avoid showing her. A few days later she find the door unlocked and looks inside and it has adult crib and such and then turn around and he in a Pull ups and has a pacifier in his mouth. The story goes on.

    There also another one When people dress up in those animal costumes.

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    This just plain crazy for this poor girl and I would never force this crap on any girlfriend. I had one girlfriend I used to date few years knew about both bladder problem and my baby side as comfort because I never really had a baby or late childhood because I spending most my early life in a hospital from epilepsy.

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    Default My Crazy Ex Tv show

    I think it was in fox or TBS

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