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Thread: Diaper Changing Restrooms for Adults

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    Default Diaper Changing Restrooms for Adults


    There have been a few posts on this before, but somewhat of mixed postings...

    How many of you have come across diaper changing restrooms for adults?

    This is actually becoming a bit more common, as many public places where there may be a need are providing restrooms for adult diaper changing.

    I recently happened to come across this one.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    The facility is a restroom that has an adult diaper changing table and is advertised as such in several places leading up to it. The restroom has a locking door and has both a baby changing station table, as well as an adult diaper changing table, featured with a foot press opening diaper pail.

    When I came across this, I couldn't help but take a few pictures. I applaud the organization that understands this need and provides this opportunity for those who may need it.

    Even if the intent isn't for ABDL, the fact that such places exist where you can change or be assisted in being changed is significant.

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    I think that's pretty neat. Definitely a huge asset to a Caregiver of someone who's disabled or to an elderly person.

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    It's not comon in the UK, although in Gateshead at the Metrocenter there is a area earmarked as assisted changing near the disabled toilets in the red area on the first floor.

    Maybe if I get the okay after my re-assessment by new doctors to wear diapers, than I might ask my carer who ever that might be to take me there to try it out although I will probably ask for a wheelchair on that day because I have difficulty walking around because of my leg bones that are permantly twisted outward as I was born with this condition as well as lacking calf muscles in the back of my legs due to a unknown disfigurement or condition that makes me unique although I have learned to compensate for this by using the muscles in my legs that I do have to walk although I could have surgery to correct my legs it wouldn't be something that I would consider as of yet unless my condition gets worse.

    I am partially incontinent because of past epilepsy and other factors and am highly autistic and have other disabilities that make me have to wear diapers from time to time on a bad day or month depending upon my body and mind I have had major surgery on my feet to correct them because my toes where too long and curled up under my feet every time I was walking which made it extremely painfull to walk properly.

    Of cause I don't think that giving these details will be 100% private but talking about my problems makes my life much easier because I don't have to bottle it up.

    Yours sincerely

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chinababy888 View Post
    It's not comon in the UK, although in Gateshead at the Metrocenter there is a area earmarked as assisted changing near the disabled toilets in the red area on the first floor.
    I actually live in this area myself, and these adult change facilities are actually very common up here. All the shopping malls in the region have adult change rooms, as well as council buildings, libraries, many museums, supermarkets and such have ones that comply to the 'Changing Places' standards.

    Its very nice to see just how common they are becoming around here, and makes a pleasant change for me to be able to get changed in a clean and spacious, private room and even have a trash can to dispose of used supplies.

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    Wow, that's great. I'm assuming there's still a toilet in there too right?

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    nice to see this, we still have places here where there aren't even baby changing stations in men's rooms >>

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    Wow! I never even knew these existed. Good to see.

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    I've only ever seen em once, and that was at my college gym; they had a row of four or five private changing/shower rooms separate from the normal one. And in the last one, there was a big ol blue adult sized changing table. Always intrigued me.

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    Wonderful concept. Everyone deserves to have a comfortable and sanitary place to be changed. Ive never seen a public restroom with an adult sized changing table. Is this exclusive to the UK?

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