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Thread: Update, My first Adult Diaper

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    Red face Update, My first Adult Diaper

    So my first set of adult diapers have come in and WOW.

    After using Large size goodnites these diapers are crazy big compared to what I could get before. I was amazed at it at first and I still am. The kind I got is the ABU Preschool, not the plastic. First off, I love them. I wish the tapes where Velcro and not sticky. I had to take a couple tries taping it on for the first time its not as easy as I thought. Putting a diaper on yourself that is supposed to fit is really hard. I have been drinking water all day. So when I finally got the chance I let the gates open. Still dry, not leaking after 2 wettings. I can't believe it. All the other things I have used where not supposed to fit me at all. in this thing, its no problem. I think I need a smaller sized diaper, or I'm not perfect with the tapes yet. The top of it is really loose. And there is a lot of space around my privates. Some things I need to work out I guess.

    I hope a more modern true to actual baby diapers gets made. I am never going back to smaller sizes after this. I hope its not that the diaper is too big, and I just need to figure out how to do the tapes better. I could also just be really used too things that are way too tight because they aren't supposed to fit me. Guess I'll find out. Thanks for reading thought I'd share my first time.

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    Congratulations on your first adult diaper! I'm still waiting for an opportunity to be able to get myself some

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    Glad these are working well for you. Maybe try these links if you want to check fit and how to put them on properly.

    Also abena have good instructions

    This video is also good. It is not in English, but is very helpful.

    Good luck

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