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    I moved to Oregon a few months ago but am back in Washington for a bit for the holidays. I had heard that ABU was in Washington before but had never really given them much thought as I am not a user of AB products. Lately I have heard the ABU Simple mentioned as an extremely competent, all white, diaper and grew curious. After perusing their website looking at all the products, searching the forums for reviews, and locating their address I resolved to head straight to the source to find out what kind of product they truly offer.

    They were a bit of a drive for me (an hour and a half) but I am extremely pleased that I decided to pay them a visit. What a facility! The amount of product they move, and the way it's organized, was impressive. They have many many MANY cases of diapers, shirts, onesies, and stickers stacked neatly on pallets waiting for custom combination and shipping.

    The staff was exceptionally friendly and welcoming without being "in your face" about diapers. I was most pleased with this. Diapers are more of a practical need for me even though I do admit to some degree of pleasure in wearing them. I am not really concerned with anything AB or Furry related, and I know that as a fetish company they cater to those crowds almost exclusively. I was happy that I could have a frank, open, and completely normal discussion about their products, their performance, and the different nuances that accompany them in everyday useage. I don't think I've ever had such an honest and open discussion about my needs and expectations concerning diapers as I had there.

    The staff were so very nice and were only concerned that I find the right product for my needs. I had expressed my concerns of sizing and fit as I am right on the upper cusp of their medium and lower end of the large according their chart. They provided me with a sample of both a medium and a large and directed me to their changing room.

    The room, I'm sure, would make many AB's very happy and comfortable. I was just happy that it had a nice wall to change against, a full length mirror on the door to the small restroom, and a trash can (it was a long trip and I was happy for some new protection). I quickly ascertained that the mediums were the best fit for me. I had been getting ready to order some larges from them and had I not gone to their store, and had the staff not been as friendly and helpful, I would have spent a good chunk of change that I would not have been satisfied with.

    I then had questions about the onesie sizing and they recommended the size small. I was surprised (I am 5'10", 195lbs., wear size 36/38 pants (they're a bit loose), and XL shirts). I haven't worn a size "small" shirt since basic training! I was absolutely surprised that the small size sample they provided me to test fit was perfect. These guys know their products exceptionally well.

    I was more than satisfied, beyond happy, at this point as told them I wanted a case of ABU Simples, and 4 onesies (2 white, 1 green, and 1 charcoal). The guys helped me setup my account and then asked about my military background. They had picked up on it because of what I was wearing, haircut, and speech patterns (2 years of freedom and I guess I still look the part a bit).

    If you can visit their facilities, do it. It is an exceptionally unique and wonderful experience. To be able to see all those products in one location and all the orders being boxed up to be shipped to all of you guys was amazing. Also, if you buy them in person you get a bit of a discount since they don't have to ship them to you. These guys will be on my list whenever I'm in the area again.

    Oh yeah! The ABU Simples are everything I was hoping for too! Plain, durable (so far), long lived, and effective. They (should) allow me greater staying power around campus while lessening the need for multiple changes. I am hoping that I might even be able to get through a whole day on campus without having to change once. We shall see...

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    I have a feeling they will bet getting more of my money when I run out. I have a half of a half of a mixed case of Simples and Little Pawz left. Wish one could go and pickup in person from their Canada warehouse as it's a very very short drive for me.

    Casey and team keep up the great work. You have taken something from the ashes (maybe smoking crater is a better description?) and made it great!

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    Good to know! I live in Canada and was thinking about driving there in a few weeks. Would only take me about 2hrs. ��

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    Thanks for sharing. I tried an ABU Simple and would echo what you've said about them. They're not my favorite diaper but they are excellent.

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    Abu staff are so gentle and kind! And the preschools and cushies are great!! I'm looking forward for my next order.

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    I should also mention that they allowed me to have a sample of their Pre-School diapers. I have been interested in finding a thinner, quieter, higher capacity cloth backed diaper for the upcoming summer months when I'll be in shorts and walking everywhere. The one that I tried (minus the designs) seems to have fit the bill very well. I'll be ordering a bag of those for a test run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soggygoodnites View Post
    Good to know! I live in Canada and was thinking about driving there in a few weeks. Would only take me about 2hrs. ��
    Well worth it. That's an easier drive than it was for me. I was south, in the Tacoma area, so it was all city driving to get there.

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    They are really cool and not just for adult babies, that said they don't try to hide their adult baby line the way secure personal care (bambino) does as they primarily market themselves as that.

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    I certainly wouldnīt classify myself as an adult baby. I do enjoy diapers so I like their products, the space one especially. Itīs more of a middle-ground product. It isnīt boring, yet it isnīt to babyish, and itīs functional.
    I bet itīs nice being near their warehouse, that would really bring the expense down.

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    great information i really need to stop by there and pick some onsies... since i like drive by them almost everyday on my way to work

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    That's really awesome, I have always wanted to go visit there sometime. It's nice to hear that even in person they know their customer base but aren't overbearing with the fact that the are an AB/DL diaper company if you aren't a major AB/DL. It's also awesome to hear that their customer service is as good in person as it is online.

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