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Thread: I...I think I might be a Trans-Girl.

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    Default I...I think I might be a Trans-Girl.

    After talking with a friend and thinking for awhile....I think I might be a Trans-Girl. *blushes* I...I thought I'd post my reasons for suspecting such a thing here to get your opinions on the matter and uh...maybe get some advice on how to test the waters? I do plan on seeing a therapist in a couple months, but until then I want other opinions.

    I always loved my mom and Grandma more than other members of my family. My dad and Grandpa seemed to always get mad fast an it was scary when they got mad. My brother threw temper tantrums whenever he had to do any chores and just today it seemed like he was deliberately pissing my dad off, sending me running to my room and plugging my ears to try and block out the horrible yelling from my dad. I guess I just wanted to be more like the people who loved me and I loved the most. All the males around me I didn't I guess I wanna be more feminine for that reason, among others

    I went to a Goodwill to try and get a dress for the first time. I went to the changing room to try the dress on and...I couldn't. I felt I was too masculine to wear a dress. And I want to wear a dress! I want to be more girly and feminine and childish and I don't wanna be an adult. *sighs*

    I also don't really like the way I look. I wish I looked more feminine. I'm really jealous of men who look almost entirely female and could easily pass off as a female if they so choose. I want to be able to do that. I want to be able to put on a dress, some makeup, maybe a wig, and nobody bat an eye because I look like a girl to everyone else.

    There's also the fact that I've been getting into girly things in the past few years. I wasn't really into girly things until around my teens, when I found Mlp. And also when I started rping as a sissy baby in diaper rps. Then I went online and found cute sissy diapers and cute AB dresses and...I wanted them. I have DC Amor diapers hidden under my bed and have several dresses that I really want to get online.

    *blushes an waits for the responses*

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    It's actually pretty difficult to say just by what you have said here. I know for myself it isn't so much a matter of wanting to be feminine in appereance. It's more that I am feminine despite my appereance and that makes me want my appearance to match who I feel I am. I think most important of all, being female is just how I view myself. It feels right.
    I also have an issue with my body itself. It feels awkward and wrong at times. There were even times where I quite literally wanted to kill myself because of it.
    I also don't have a reason for why I feel this way, I just do. Even at a very early age, I felt this way, although back then I had no clue what it was.

    Anyway, going to a therapist would be your best bet. There isn't anyone here who can diagnose it for you, and we can only offer up our own experiences. There are various tests dotted around the net that you can use, but they are not really a tool to diagnose, it's more of just a screening sort of thing to get a better idea of the situation. Some people hate them and feel one shouldn't take the test results at all seriously, and feel it's only based on stereotypes ... which is sorta true I guess. I wish there was more I can do to help.

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