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Thread: Plastic-Backed NonABDL Diaper

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    Default Plastic-Backed NonABDL Diaper

    Hey all,

    Looking to make a purchase for some new plastic backed non-abdl diapers. I have purchased both M4's and ATN's and was happy with them. Are there any other options besides those two and the 24/7's and Northshores? Thanks in advance!

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    Rearz, Bambino and ABU which are all ABDL companies do make a plane white plastic backed diaper with no prints on them. So I guess technically they're not "non ABDL" but they are devoid of all ABDL markings.

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    Yeah I guess I should've rephrased it. Trying to avoid those companies, for cost reasons.

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    I use First Quality briefs a lot when looking for a non ABDL diaper. They are sold at a lot of medical supply stores and are cheep ($10-$18 per package) but still work fairly well. I also go to my local thrift stores regularly and find a lot of plastic backed briefs of all different types there for even cheaper (Usually like $2-$7 there). Depends even has some that they sell too if you can find them (Usually Rite-Aid has some) but there not very good and don't hold very much.

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    Molicare super plus, A+, and iD slip are all premium plastic backed that are non-abdl.

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    To be honest there's nothing much to offer being what's available here. That's just about all that's actually worth getting tbh.

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    Attends with Waistband, but, avoid like the plague.

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    Tranquility ATNs, First Quality IB Briefs, Attends Healthcare Poly briefs, Attends Healthcare Waistband briefs, Wings has a poly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildBlueCrinkle View Post
    Attends with Waistband, but, avoid like the plague.
    It's really not that bad a brief, thin as jockey shorts, but with a stuffer it's pretty comfortable, been wearing them all week at work >>;
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClickyKeys View Post
    I really like the Rearz Inspire+ InControl
    I want to try those so bad. I heard that is the thickest diaper on the market. But I could be wrong. I may have to order those thick diapers.

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