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Thread: A heart-wrenching story that might turn into an opportunity...

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    Default A heart-wrenching story that might turn into an opportunity...

    So, last night I saw a news story that was sad. It was a story out of Pennsylvania, that was just terrible. Two parents allegedly overdosed on heroin, and their five-month-old daughter ended up starving and thirsting to death. It wasn't until this morning, and that it really started to bother me more and more. The thought of that baby girl literally screaming and crying to death, just for something to eat and drink. Now, while the parents were fataly irresponsible, and absolutely to blame, others could have helped.
    I think this is an opportunity for people to develop a better sense of community. Friends and Neighbors can be encouraged to look out for one another so something like this can't happen. Not that I for a minute that I blame any friends or neighbors (or possibly lack thereof), for this trajedy.
    So I humbly and heartfully encourage EVERYONE to take a minute and when you pull in your driveway, or go out to grill, or mow the yard comma just take a second and look at your neighbors. See if anything looks out of the ordinary. Maybe YOU could be the one to save the baby's life. There's enough trouble and tragedy in life. Let's do our best to minimize it.

    Stay padded my friends,

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    That's a good suggestion. My one neighbor has all his adult kids living with him along with their kids, so no problem there. My other neighbor is older and lives alone. I try to make sure there's signs of life at her house.

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    It's a start. 2 minutes 2 neighbors.

    Stay padded my friends,

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    Happens in my neighborhood and Junior's. Everybody has phone numbers and in some cases duplicate house keys. For the old guy next door, we've got a key and phone numbers for all three of his adult kids. We've busted the teen girl next door when mom wasn't home and older boys were sniffing around. Called her older brother.

    Sadly, with the heroin couple, its a reasonable guess that they lived in a neighborhood where contact with your neighbors could be unpleasant if not dangerous. Or they were rural enough that problems could go unnoticed for quite a while.

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    I live alone and I try to look out for people. Usually, people that have others living with them, such as family. I know that if I appealed to most for someone to look after me, ... the outcome wouldn't be good. Never is.

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