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    Hello everyone!

    One or two years back we welcomed a guy from Japan in the Adisc’s Greetings/Introduction forum. There were a lot of questions like “Is wearing diapers also a taboo in Japan?”, “Is there a Japanese online community?” or “Are you also doing meet-ups in Japan?”. A little while later, on the Berlin ABDL munch we got to know a guy from Italy telling us that the German community is much more active than the Italian.

    Being from Germany and already continuously comparing the American/English-speaking online activities to those in the German-speaking world I started wondering how are local ABDL communities different or at different stages of development? (By local I mean communities defined by nationality (e.g. be being Hungarian) or a shared language (German: Germany, Austria, Switzerland …).

    Is there an ABDL community in smaller countries like Hungaria, too? What about Africa, Asia, Latin America? How are they organized? How important are real live activities? How important are international, English-speaking communities like Adisc, Fetlife or even Facebook for the local ABDLs?

    Since, I guess, Adisc is one of the most international communities with a lot of intrigued users I thought that we can maybe gather informations with help from the crowd I thought it would be nice maybe to have a short profile for different local communities?
    I can, of course, start with the German profile.

    For the profile I would like to propose a structure (see below) – but of course you don’t have to care about it or you can add questions

    Hoping for a great discussion

    Suggested Profile
    Local community: (as define by nationality/language)
    Are there local online communities:
    Are there real live events and who organizes them:
    How is our culture perceived within the society:
    Buying diapers and accessories:
    More/Everything else:

    - - - Updated - - -

    Profile of Germany/German-Speaking countries

    Local community: German-speaking countries (mainly Germany, Austria, Switzerland)/Germany

    Are there local online communities: Yes, there are online communities like Adisc at least since ~ 2000. “Windelbabies Community” (WBC, “Diaper babys”) being the oldest, nowadays run by a registered association in Austria, featuring a classic bulletin board. “Windelnet” (“Diaper net”) is a Social Network, run by a single person and his team, nowadays is said to have the highest number of users. Other communities come and go, there is also a lot of activity at Fetlife and Facebook.
    Are there real live events and who organizes them: Events have been the mayor driver for the development of the German community. Almost all events originated from the community driven, not for profit “Windelbabies community”. On the one hand we have munches, meetings occurring monthly to annually in a given city; most of them taking place in a common bar or pub. Since 2004, there is a least one camp per year. Most of them taking place in bigger rented group houses, normally used by youth groups or for bigger family events. The camps usually host 20 to 50 ABDLs for 2 to 4 days, even though there was camp for around 100 people in ~2009-2012. Two Berlin BDSM clubs offer Diaper/Ageplay parties, both of them twice a year with a lot of international guests, too. Many events are openly announced in the event calendar run by “Windelhauptstadt Berlin” (Diaper capital Berlin). Almost all events are non-profit.

    How is our culture perceived within the society: Germany is comparably open to sub-culture and deviant sexuality (even though we still lack gay marriage). However, practicing ABDL stuff is still a taboo, even though some parents/friends/boyfriends/girlfriends are sympathetic or even interested.

    Buying diapers and accessories: While you can’t find quality diapers in bigger Walmart-like shops, it’s easy to buy them online or at a pharmacy. There are a lot of online shops selling ABDL cloth.


    • There were attempts to build up a knowledge database/wiki, but it never really worked out
    • There is number of German blogs, but especially at Tumblr/… people also English for their blogs
    • Germans, Austrians and Suisse folk mix up quite well in the online communities, there are also 2 or 3 frequent munches in Austria

    If someone wants to elaborate you’re very welcome!

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    Hello Windeltiger,

    I'm from Slovakia. It's such a small country that someone outside of Europe might not even know we exist. We are usually called 'the heart of Europe'.

    Slovakia is still very traditional(at least the part I live in). Everything is taboo. (Even homosexuals must hide...) I wish we as country were more accepting. There were some discussions online about ABDL and most replies were unacceptable. I think I can say the same about our brothers Czechs. We are still connected to each other so the site was created for both of us. Czechoslovakian community: . We have only single one website. I'm not even registered there. I visit only english-speaking sites.
    Poland has a site and I'm not sure about Hungary.

    Buying diapers and accessories: I personally buy diapers in local pharmacy. They must think I'm incontinent.. None adult diapers in those big supermarkets(pampers 6 the biggest size). There are a few sites related to abdl items(clothing and paci). However they charge incredible amount of money for my taste. It's much cheeper to buy something from UK or Germany and pay extra for delivery.

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    @BabyJacob98: Thanks a lot. I didn't know that there are online communities in the eastern European countries. That's good, 'cause it's a first step to not be alone. But are there no thoughts about meetings? Does it feel too dangerous? In Germany, that gave the whole community a boost. But then, then societal "climate" maybe too different.

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    There is a tread where are announced upcoming meetings. I scrooled through some of them and there is usually like 5 ppl. Meetings are held only in Czech republic. I truly don't know details as I've never been to any.

    What do you mean by social "climate"? I said society is conservative, my parents grew up in 80's(communism). So I guess the "climate" is different than anywhere else on the world. Only our neighbours(poland, hungary,...) can relate. From the very little age my parents and parents of my parents were taught that difference is unacceptable. So yeah. It sucks. However that's like it used to be. I can see that the society made the step forward towards understanding our differences and accepting it. Eventhoug we have still a lot to do....

    Ps: We don't really like being labeled as'eastern europe'. This term reminds us ZSSR.. Middle Europe sounds much better. Minor inconvience, don't mind me.

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    I myself am in the United States.
    Specifically, the State of New Hampshire.
    I am still feeling my way around the AB/DL Subculture.
    Of course I am part to the AB/DL Subculture of persons who were born with lifelong physical and developmental disabilities.
    A couple of years ago a "rogue" Adult Baby who was on the "Planning Board" of my town got caught soliciting a diaper change with a 16 year-old in a neighboring town.
    One "bad boy" sort-of ruins it for those of us who are "responsible" members of the wider AB/DL Community Subculture.
    One has to be aware of and follow many of the rules of our subculture, which for the most part are unwritten.
    An issue I deal with is personal isolation.
    There are very few if any members of the AB/DL within a 20 mile radius of where I live.
    The nearest AB/DL person is like 3 towns north of where I live, and although relatively close physically, I have never met this person face-to-face.
    The "Closet" is rather deep here in New Hampshire.

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    @Jacob: thx again! And I agree! Yes, I guess you got what I meant with "climate".
    Even though we had big success with building up meetings and camps in Germany to strengthen the community it's maybe not the right solution somewhere else. What is the reason for you not to join the local events? (If I may ask?)

    @caitianx: Yeah, the closet is perhaps rather deep in New Hampshire. And almost everywhere else. (I know that the ABDL parties I frequently join in Berlin happen at one of the most open-minded places on the world.) But still, in the US/in the English-speaking world you have online communities, a lot of activities in the social networks, at least some events and munches, media like the Big Little podcast, and a lot more. Also a load of ABDL porn
    You will not find all of that in a lot of countries, I guess. For example, there is nothing remotely like the Big Little podcast in Germany.

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    Why do I not go to meetings? Well, one of the reasons is that I'm still on the way of accepting this side of me. I believe meetings would really help-Knowing someone in person would be beneficial for me. You know. .the fact that there is a real person right in front of you with the same interest..However It's easy talking to someone via internet who doesn't know you, who lives thoushands of kilometers away from you but much more difficult to "expose" yourself to a stranger right in front of you...hope you understand.

    I feel like there is not many of us. Like nobody. ...ah, I don't know... I guess I have to take the courage and find out if anyone close to me has the same interest. .

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    Oh hey Windeltiger! Didn't know you were on here, too.

    It hasn't been too long since I joined here, and I actually joined ADISC before WBC. But finding friends to actually meet up with, or even a caretaker, will have to happen inside the german communities. Since I have no trouble reading or writing in english (speaking is more difficult as I'm simply not used to it), I actually tend to look up information I need on any topic in english, and this is no exception.

    On buying Diapers and accessories: NUK is based here, so that's that. But that's not of too much use for me since I'm a big little boy, so I need bigger pacifiers and bottles, too.

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