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Thread: Your early nappy/diaper experiences?

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    Default Your early nappy/diaper experiences?

    I always liked nappies/diapers from a young age since I trained at 3. From then my younger brother wet the bed, so I would sneak a couple of drynites from the cupboard and wear them. Eventually when he stopped wetting (i was 12), I started to sneak out and buy some of my own at the shop. It was great and they fit perfectly. I can remember sneaking one on whilst on a long car trip across the UK and France, and it was easy to hide as I was in a car seat (EU laws differ from UK on that front), and I would throw them in the bin afterwards. My last experience of being put in nappies/diapers came when I was really ill a couple weeks before turning 13. I had really bad stomach cramps and a really bad fever, and was caught short in my PJs a couple of times. Out of a chink of luck, I fell asleep and woke up briefly in a wet bed, to which my mother held a new pack of drynites and calmly explained to me that it was only till I was feeling better - to which she helped me put them on as I lay on my side in pain and drowsiness. It made me feel a little better whilst being ill, and I remember faking wetting the bed for another week or 2 after that.

    So ye, that's basically my early experiences of nappy/diaper wearing. I have still tried drynites over the years but started to grow out of them when Puberty hit at 15, but have kept my figure to a slim ever since so that I can still remain in my comfort zone

    I currently weigh 10 stone 4lbs and have a waist of 29.5 inches and the drynites still fit fine. I've been at both ends of the weight spectrum (including higher than what I am now). Although I miss the days when I was 13/14 when they covered my whole bum, but never the less the joy I get is still the same.

    I will create a chart and post later on for an accurate reading on size guides for it.

    What are your early experiences in nappies/diapers?

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    I toilet trained really late, and have had surprise/fear wetting issues throughout my life.

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