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Thread: Pacifier or bottle??

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    Default Pacifier or bottle??

    i have pacifiers but no bottles, what is the best??

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    Well, I mean... bottles have yums in them, soooo...

    But then, pacifiers are lightweight and soothing.


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    I think they're both indespensible for their purposes. If I had to pick which one first, I guess I'd take a pacifier in terms of overall utility and frequency of use. Still, when you want a bottle, nothing else will do.

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    I dont get the choice based upon economy issues? If not, go and get yourself a really cute bottle, a couple of plushies and some new pacis a just enjoy yourself in little space

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    i like the Think Baby bottles because they have a nice wide teet. I think much more accommodating to an adult size mouth.

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    Have a few bottles, a lot of pacis. Everything I use, all at his moment.

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    If I had to choose it would be my bottle. I love having a bottle of milk or even better being given a bottle by my lovely wife. Nothing more babyish when I'm in my diaper hugging teddy. I like my pacifier after my bottle, but the bottle really regresses me so much.

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