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    So I have some questions about my ABU preschool diapers. They are cloth backed, so does that mean that I can wash them in a washing machine? Also How much can they hold and are they as comfortable as they look?

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    They're disposables with a clothlike cover, so no washing. As ABDL diapers go, they're not particularly high capacity but they're pretty good for their discreet thickness. If you like clothlike covers, they're good.

    Very thorough review here:

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    You definitely can NOT wash them in a washing machine. The outside has a cloth like feel, but it's a still a disposable diaper. They'll explode if you put them in the washing machine, so that's 1000% not recommended.

    As far as how much they hold, I don't know if that was ever specified anywhere, but it's supposed to be lesser capacity than anything else they offer so it fits discreetly. It'll be on the lower end of their products.

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    So are they a good first diaper for someone who still lives with their parents?

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    Hey! Totally is a good go diaper. They are quite and discreet. Good absorbant diaper and fun design. Clothlike will also make them less warmer that the plastic ones (your skin breaths more) go for those!!

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    Adding to the chorus - 100% do not wash them.

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    Thank you guys so much for your help I think I will get some for my first diapers!

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    I've always seemed to have stretching problems with the clothlikes, and the preschools are no exception. I really like the plastic version of preschools though!

    Preschool capacity I'd say is good for 2 full wettings standing up, three if laying on your back. Probably holds more on the back but starts getting iffy. Overall quality is very high all around. Some have had issues with tapes, I personally have not. Other than that I don't think I've heard a single complaint. I wear them daily to work, so I've got a fair amount of experience with them.

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