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Thread: Ordering plastic pants online

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    Default Ordering plastic pants online

    I want to order them and I'm going to have to do it online but I don't want my mother to find out. But at the same time, I don't know if any of my friends would be comfortable having it shipped to their house. Any suggestions? My mother would do through my stuff so idk what to do.

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    Rent a PO box ot have them sent to your office

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    Plastic pants are so thin, who'd notice inside an envelope?

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    Yeah, 1 or 2 plastic pants would probably just come in a mailing envelope.

    Have you decided on a place to get the pants yet or have a link/picture of the pants? Someone here has probably ordered them before and could tell you how they ship.

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    I think I got it. One of my friends seems pretty cool about the whole diaper wearing thing. So that's fun

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