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Thread: Spoiled myself a little...

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    Default Spoiled myself a little...

    So, I had to take care of the grocery shopping yesterday and I happened to 'accidentially' knock some J&J baby wash and some J&J baby shampoo into my cart (oops!)

    My word, my skin and hair are so soft now! I enjoyed a nice bath with those products and followed up with some baby oil to lock the moisture in. Smells so nice!

    Why on earth does anyone ever stop using that stuff?

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    I wash myself with johnsons baby wash everyday

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    When I tried Johnsons shampoo my hair felt like straw and I always get told by hair dressers my hair is like baby hair

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    I don't use baby shampoo, I use grown up shampoo, it must be adult hair that goes dry with shampoo meant for babies with thin and little hair.

    Baby bubble bath and wash gel is good though, I use the powder for changes and baby lotition is just heaven, I think baby oil is ok but I wouldn't use it on my face or I might break out but sometimes I get a dry face.

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    My hair is fine but I have a lot of it, my ears stick through my hair sometimes, but then again my hair is blond with brown tones to it.

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    Or my hair falls around my ears when I lean forward

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    I use basic and generic shampoo (whatever is on sale). I add play sand to the bottle though. Mix it up good before each use, and thoroughly scrub as much as you can stand. Your skin will be slightly red of an hour or two, but afterwards you skin (and hair) will be baby smooth.

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    Gosh, I may try that! I've always gotta fight eczema on my knuckles, so it's all good for meeeeee!

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    I use Loreal Kids shampoo and bar soap. The only problem with the shampoo is every once in a while it makes my hair look weighed down but it's an amazing detangler. I am going to try J&J bath wash one of these days. I've smelled it in the store and it smells great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleBelle View Post
    When I tried Johnsons shampoo my hair felt like straw and I always get told by hair dressers my hair is like baby hair
    I've noticed this as well. My hair will get pretty straw-like. However I love the smell. I use J&J night time lavender baby wash and J&J night time lavender baby lotion x3. I LOVE the smell of the night time baby lotion...

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    I use j&j baby wash, for everything!

    I have long hair (well below my shoulders) just about armpit length...

    I have very fine and oily hair, always have, used the buy the most drying shampoo I could!

    My hair gets oily in 4-6 hrs!

    Anyhow, baby wash for me!

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    I use Suave kids smoothers, leaves my hair really soft and smells awesome!

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