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Thread: XP Medical has a new addess

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    Default XP Medical has a new addess

    I found out XP now has a Austin Texas mailing address. I just got my order confirmation for my auto ship order and was charged sales tax for the first time. Being a Texas resident maybe the reason. Just a warning some of you might be paying the tax now.

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    Last order I placed (1 week ago) came out of Mabelvale, AR.

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    The Austin Tx address is on the XP Medical web site. The warehouse is in Arkansas. I got my second shipment from
    thee last Thursday.

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    From what I heard he sold the business and is still on as a consultant. They ditched the A+ level 3 too, so that means I'm going to be switching diapers. Any feedback on the northshore supreme lite diaper.

    I just don't need the high capacity diapers like a level 4

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    I like northshore supremes. they have a firm pad that conforms nicely, does not breakup over time and does not blimp up as it gets wet. it wicks good too. I have experienced a few with a pin hole, maybe 1 per case. The last one was the first one out of the pack, so maybe, because it was on the outside of the package, it got punctured in handling.

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    I ordered a bag of the supreme lites in large and xl and a pack of stuffers... Just got to see what size fits best. Should be in by Friday at my mailbox. I still need to go through my stash of old abena L3 and L4 with plastic backing, have like 3 bags of each

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    Yeah, meh. Ordered a case of Dry 24/7. Shipped from AR. FedEx originally said they'd be here yesterday; now tracking says Wednesday the 3rd(?)(!). Sigh. When they were in Ventura I'd get 'em next day. But at least no sales tax. Just have to plan ahead more.

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    I think XP used to have at least 3 different distribution centers spread across the country in California, Michigan, and Florida. I'm kind of disappointed they only have one in Arkansas now. I used to be able to get next day standard shipping from Michigan.

    Quote Originally Posted by ArchtopK View Post
    does not blimp up as it gets wet.
    I actually really like the diapers that blimp up when they get wet. I realize that's not practical for people who are incontinent or wear 24/7 though.

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    I haven't ordered from XP for awhile, but I will be satisfied as long as their service remains good.

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