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Thread: My Girl friend found out ..... but did not say a word!

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    Default My Girl friend found out ..... but did not say a word!

    My Girl friend found a business card from today while cleaning up my spare room and she just carried on as if nothing was there. I don't know if I should be joyed that the monkey is out or worried of things to come.

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    I would say a little from columns A & B!

    I hope it goes well and she is fully accepting of you!

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    Do you think she knows what littles-downunder is? Maybe she just picked it up and put it down without reading it. That's what I'd probably do. Even if she read it, littles could mean something else if you don't know. Good luck

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    I guess it's time to get your story in order, whether it's alien abduction, the truth, or something in between.

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    The card had rattles on it and stated adult baby products.

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    You need to tell her. My wife of 14 years found out accidentally when we were dating. She saw some large baby Looney Tunes stickers I had placed on the wall in my apartment. They were hidden by "normal" posters and one of them lost its adhesive tape revealing baby bugs underneath. Oops... We had been dating a year when that happened and I wish I had told her sooner. Turns out she was more accepting of using diapers for kinky sex than dealing with my urge incontinence and my occasional desire to be a little boy and have a mommy take care of me. So in my case that's three related but very different things that are part of my personality and genetic makeup. It's taken her years to understand each of them (and it's taken me years too!).

    For everyone out there with a significant other who doesn't know this about you, if you are serious about the relationship, please tell them. Keeping secrets from someone you want to share the rest of your life with is no way to live in my opinion.

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    I told my wife 11 years into our marriage and it didn't go well. She was first of all freaked out by the fact that I like to wear diapers and hurt that I took so long to tell her. She figured if I can had something like that from her for so long, then what else could I be hiding from her. Telling your boyfriend/girlfriend early on is the way to go, especially if you see the relationship going further.

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    What was your outcome? Are you still together after all that time or did she leave you?

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    Hmm. I wouldn't underestimate how much people can ignore. Unless she stopped what she was doing completely and just stood there reading the card, I'd bet that she didn't really comprehend what she was seeing. That said, this scare might be a good time to have the conversation with her, especially if being little is important enough to you that it's something you want to be part of the relationship. Make sure you think about how to have a serious conversation with her. Since you know her better than us, you'll hopefully know if she's the sort to talk about stuff over dinner, or if she prefers taking walks, or sitting down somewhere private, among other things. I always recommend for these kind of things that you open by asking if she's okay with you sharing something and focusing on the thing you want to talk about for a little while. That sets up that 1) if she is distracted or not in the right mindset, you can put it off until later and get a better initial reaction and 2) if she is ready, it puts her on notice that she should pay attention and not just react instantly, which can make the conversation go a lot better.

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