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Thread: high amount of requests.

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    Default high amount of requests.

    Well, I recently bought a domain name turns out that it was like 10 years old, and somebody elses.

    Now, here is the thing, I go to cloudflare to look at the requests, and holy poo 1,800 and 6MB bandwith usage, just in 24 hours.

    74 unique visitors a day, now is this a good thing or bad thing? this is all natrual traffic, haven't even put it on google yet, so I'm thinking a massive botnet?

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    74 unique visitors is about average for a small local business.

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    I wouldn't worry too much about it, that's a fairly trivial amount of traffic and bandwidth. Most decent hosts measure monthly bandwidth allotment in TBs, and you can easily get hundreds of hits a day just from various automated crawlers (search engines, research projects, vulnerability scanners, etc..) if the domain name is posted anywhere. Most above board stuff will throw an easily identifiable user agent, the not so above board stuff can be identified (and somewhat mitigated) by using something like fail2ban, but really if your stuff is up to date it's easier to just put up with a small amount of nuisance traffic.

    If you're looking to generate revenue with the domain, for very general reference (varies greatly based on a bunch of things), 100 hits a day may net you about $80 a month with adsense, but they (more or less) need to be actual human hits and not just bot traffic.

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