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Thread: Lifestyle Changes. New School, New Job, Ect.

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    Default Lifestyle Changes. New School, New Job, Ect.

    So I try to be a bit private about my identity simply because I own a monetized blog that is my main source of income. My other source of income was working for CVS until I was fired on December 9th. I am not nessecarily afraid of any of my fan base finding out about my fetish, in factI would even own up to it and have prepared myself for what I would say in such an event.

    I will be going back to work for another company here in about a week or two (unfortunately this is a must because the blog is all about working in retail) However, with me going back to work I have considered making a lifestyle change. I will be working as an asssistant store manager and really is is quite a cushy job. I will mainly be responsible for payroll, scheduling, billing, and ordering along with. Customer service.

    Because my new job is a full twenty. Five minutes from my old job I am considering wearing diapers on a regular basis while at work. Although I consider my diaper obeseeion to be a fetish, I also find like many others that simply wearing diapers is relaxing and comforting. A bit like cheap therapy. I have an ample supply (264 remaining in my hoard) I figure I would just wear one diaper during the shift, and use the restrooms at work like I normally would. I would however when discovered just fib and say that I wear them as protection as I do not always make it in time.

    I am not too concerned about my employees discovering, because well I am above them in the food chain and it is none of their business.

    I am also finishing my undergraduate degree at another university and since that is new I am considering wearing there as well.

    Again, I am self controlled, and although I identify as a fetish, I was wondering your thought about wearing more and more in public. I have done it previously. I actually wore frequently at my former university until a classmate called me out in class. I am no longer really embarrassed about it and for me it is a way to just relax and distress. Your thoughts?

    Also hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!

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    As for wearing more often in public, I have found that people don't tend to notice that I am wearing a diaper in the first place. The fact of the matter is that AB/DL types like ourselves are much more aware of diapers than the general public are. How did a classmate call you out on wearing a diaper in the past? Were you being careless about the waistband showing, or did you simply get unlucky and end up in the unlikely situation of a mean spirited person noticing?

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    IzzyFox, did you read one word of the OP?

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    I was actually unlucky. I have never tried to intentionally expose myself, simply because I would not want someone to do that to me. I was in the row ahead of him in class and my shirt had ridden up about an inch. While the diaper did not have a high back, he noticed. He edned up telling two girls sitting next to him and I only found out when they all started giggling. I did not really care about it I am gay anyway, but still it was not much fun.

    i really am not too worried about being caught, but just interested on everyone's thoughts about wearing more often in public settings.

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    Your post was quite detailed on what has happened, what is going to happen and your feelings about the change in lifestyle.

    Based on all you have said, I see no reason why you shouldn't go ahead with the change.

    Good luck in your new job.

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