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Thread: How to start over ??

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    Default How to start over ??

    Long story but me and my girl / baby / mommy broke up back story she didn't really know this was really a thing of that she'd grow to love it and become abdl herself , not sure I can do that all again I've spent the weekend mostly alone but for the few hours I spend with my family yesterday with whom I'm not that close with , any advise ?? Pretty sure I'll die alone being this and I hate it , just lost to be honest

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    I'm sorry for the breakup, but that happens to a lot of people, especially for those of us who are AB/DL. You really have a number of options. Staying single and alone for the rest of your life shouldn't be one of them. The best alternative is to get back into dating, not necessarily looking for a mommy, but for someone who genuinely loves you and cares about you. That's how I met my wife. The diapers and acceptance came later. Love really can conquer any and all barriers. When you think about it, wanting to wear diapers pales compared to falling in love with someone who has health problems, or other things which makes them less than perfect. And when all is said and done, aren't we all imperfect?

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