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Thread: Desperately seeking plastic backed diapers, online not option. Am I screwed?

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    Unhappy Desperately seeking plastic backed diapers, online not option. Am I screwed?

    So, my situation is a pretty interesting one. I'm really, really wanting to wear again, after several years of not wearing at all. I'm in a situation where I'm away from home, so I could actually wear now. I'm atending the colorado center for the blind, which has a deddocated apartment complex exclusively for them. Here's the part that sucks. The complex does not have a mail system in place, meaning online delivery is *not an option. I could get packages delivered to the center itself, but I absolutely do not want to do this, for several reasons. Firstly I don't want to cary a heavy box from the center to the apartments, and second I don't want a lot of questions asking me what I got, and having to come up with some sort of story. So my question is this. How can I get plastic backed diapers in a way that I won't have to deal with getting something delivered? Also carying things back from the center. From a store to the apartments is fine. The bad thing is I know 0 ABDLs in the littleton or denver area. And from what I've looked into, plastic backed diapers are literally impossible to get in any store. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well that does limit you, but you have two options.

    1) have orders delivered to a UPS or FedEx location. I have never personally done this but have heard of many who have.

    2). Find a mom and pop pharmacy or drug store that sells them. It's rare but I have found a place that sells Abena M4 and another place that sells Molicare.

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    If there's a FedEx office close to where you live, Bambino has an option in their checkout process where you can send it to an office to hold for pickup. I've done it once through them, and even had a package sent there directly through a private transaction. Then you can leave the large package in your car and take small quantities of the diapers in to your apartment at a time.

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    Check medical supply stores. You're right, most supermarkets don't carry plastic backed diapers any more.
    If you're on the smaller side maybe look into Pampers Baby Dry size 6. They won't be bulky, but the cloth covering can be easily removed to expose the printed plastic backing. You'll need tape to hold them on though.

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    You should look up "Amazon Locker." There are a good number of them popping up around where I live and I'd imagine in a larger metro like yours, you'd have a few around. Amazon has a pretty good selection.

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