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Thread: North, south, east, west

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    Default North, south, east, west

    First time really posting in the 'Off-topic' category...

    I thought it would be interesting to see the furthest people have traveled in the directions North, South, East & West.

    First, do the points for you're own country (mine is UK) and then the do for the world.

    I'll start:

    (My country-UK)

    North - The shores of Loch Ness, Scotland
    South - London, England
    East - Great Yarmouth, England
    West - Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysilio gogogoch, Wales (no joke, that is a real place, I went because of the name)


    North - Oslo, Norway
    South - (probably) Catania, Sicily, Italy
    East - I think Berlin, Germany
    West - New York City, USA

    If you want, you could also put the highest place you've ever visited. Mine is Mt. Snowdon, Wales, at 3,560 ft or 1,085 meters. Climbed it fully padded.

    Honestly, don't feel embarrassed if you haven't been that far.
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    In Country
    North:St. Paul Island, AK
    South: Orlando, FL
    East: Little Dennis, MA
    West: Adak, AK

    North: St. Paul Island, Alaska, USA
    South: 35 Nautical Miles south of Cambutal, Panama
    East/West: Approximately 48° 45' N 180° E/W

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    North - Sweet Grass, Montana 48.9961° N (driving to Canada)
    South - Ka Lae, Hawaii, Hawaii 18°54′39″N
    East - Manchester, New Hampshire 71°27′49″W, (Portland, Maine 70°16′W international flight)
    West - Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii 159°40′25″W

    Latitude North - Keflavík, Iceland 64°01′N
    Latitude South - São Paulo, Brazil 23°33′S
    Longitude East - Wellington, New Zealand 174°46′38″E
    East from USA - Vienna, Austria 16°22′E
    Longitude West - Waimea, Kauai County, Hawaii 159°40′25″W
    West from USA - Adelaide, Australia 138°36′3.6″E

    Highest standing: Mammoth Mountain summit 11,053'
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    Let's see if I got this right.

    North - New York, New York
    South - Key Largo, Florida
    West - Los Angeles, California

    North - Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.

    The highest point I have ever been, being Mount Mitchell at 6,684 FT. Part of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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    North: Vancouver British Columbia Canada
    East: Baltimore, Maryland
    South and West: Wahiawa, Hawaii
    Down: 130 Ft. Hood's Canal, Washington.
    Up 36,000 ft. on the way to Hawaii.

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    Quote Originally Posted by egor View Post
    Up 36,000 ft. on the way to Hawaii.
    >.< If we include airplanes for that, then same here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brabbit1987 View Post
    >.< If we include airplanes for that, then same here.
    Yeah, I was hoping we could keep it to just on-ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kieran View Post
    Yeah, I was hoping we could keep it to just on-ground.
    I figured as much.

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    travailed all along every border of the continental United States several times.
    was stationed on O'hau and have been on both Kaua'i and Maui.
    i have also travailed all over western Canada.
    and i have been all over the Pacific Ocean, though having never set foot on land other than the Hawaiian Islands. other then that, "where" in the Pacific is still classified.
    however as a hint i can say it was all done at varying depth's of between 58 foot and 1375 foot.....

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    Default Here and there...

    USA: North: Lat: 49.001060° Lon: -122.755524° (Blaine, WA)
    World North:
    Canada: Lat: 49.283202° Lon: -123.115263° (Vancouver, BC)

    USA: South:
    Lat: 34.103110° Lon: -118.342850° (Los Angeles, CA) / Lat: 20.755296° Lon: -155.983776° (Hana, Maui, HI)
    SAME for World South

    USA: East:
    Lat: 38.975421° Lon: -94.524960° (Kansas City, MO)
    SAME for World East

    USA: West:
    Lat: 47.233044° Lon: -124.212769° (Moclips, WA) / Lat: 20.881902° Lon: -156.687642° (Lahaina, Maui, HI)
    SAME for World West

    Maximum Standing Elevation:
    Lat: 20.708426° Lon: -156.256873° Elevation: 9,936 ft/ 3,028 M (Haleakalā Summit, Maui, HI)


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