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Thread: no christmas spriet in my house

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    Default no christmas spriet in my house

    so we haven't really got Christmas in our house it's 8:45 and my mum and brother are still sleeping I expected my brother but it's not Christmassy and my little side is sad

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    I hate that! Sleeping in so much, HOW can they sleep!? I didn't sleep at all last night!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic View Post
    I hate that! Sleeping in so much, HOW can they sleep!? I didn't sleep at all last night!
    im an early bird anyways but lately been laying in bed with my teddies

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    I just get given money by everyone for Christmas.. I am spending Christmas alone.. No decorations or anything so it is like a normal day for me, it is sunny here anyway (Spain) so it doesn't feel at all Christmassy, the main Christmas in Spain is los tres reyes, which is the three kings on the 6th of January, they still celebrate Christmas here but it isn't really a big deal compared to the three kings.. I don't really like Christmas anyways! too stressful..

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    I don't think I ever want to do the whole early Christmas thing if I can help it. I love sleeping in ... so on a special day, why ruin that? XD
    Ok .. well not entirely true, I did kind of get up early today ... but that is cause my ex set his alarm clock to 8 am.

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