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Thread: Damm stink bugs!

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    Default Damm stink bugs!

    So I'm watching a movie on TV while eating dinner, a shield shaped bug is crawling across the ceiling so I get a tissue and squash it. Bad move! My room reeks, my hands too even after three washings. I had no idea until I researched "shield shaped bug" on google. Asian stink bug an invasive recent import in packing crates and the like.
    Oh Joy!

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    Yeah, they were really bad this year. Fortunately for those of us in the North, that's over for a while.

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    I have never smelled the stink of a stink bug, because I don't squish them.

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    We get them by the hundreds every spring, and they last through summer. Another gift from China, I believe.

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    Oddly, I haven't seen too many this year. They're normally all over the place.

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    We get lots of them in our rice fields in the summer.

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