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    So I've always been able to sneak my brothers pull-ups but he doesn't use them anymore so I'm going to buy actual diapers at a pharmacy like Walgreens or cvs but when I look online the smallest pack of their diapers is a pack of 40 and I won't be able to hide that many. Are there and diapers that come in smaller packs???

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    there used to be, but i wouldn't recommend them anymore, your best bet would be to try and find a way to hide the 40, or to see if you fit in baby sizes, if pull ups worked, then pampers cruisers size 7 would probably fit, don't know about capacity. walgreens does seem to have some smaller packs of adult sizes, but they seem to not be in all stores so check online for your store before actually going out. beyond that, i can't really say much more except to avoid depends and adult pull ups like the plague.

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    Most most diapers come in 19-23 -count "jumbo packs" that fit into a backpack. Walgreen's store brand size 6's are great, as are their pull-ups... are they gone now..? o.oa

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    I get the "old" depends from my insurance...the plastic-backed ones. Yeah, they DO leak...but, damn, they FEEL so good-especially after the first wetting!
    They definetly need a booster or doubler-oh well, fun, fun, fun!
    Merry Christmas 🎅

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    i would fit in 7's, but they're sold in HUGE packages! I wish pampers 7 came in smaller bags!

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    i know they'll fit; i can sqeeze into into 6's, but i don't want to invest $30-$40 on 7's not ever having sampled at least once to see if i'll even LIKE them

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    Walgreens should still sell their generic brand of training pants. I'd be surprised if they were removed.

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