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Thread: Going for first week long 24/7

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    Default Going for first week long 24/7

    I have all next week off (YAY) I figured it was a good time to try and go 24/7 for the first time. I have gone about 3 days...that's the longest so far.

    I went to bed diapered last night, so I guess now I am stuck

    Only tough part will be the two Christmas evenents with family. Ill have to wear the quietest ones I have, and wear bulky cloths!

    My only thing is, I am not a #2 fan, so that will be the only exception (maybe..I might get daring when I have the house to myself a few days!)

    Here we go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 07gp6465 View Post

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    Oh, I plan on it

    I am actually at work right now. Barely anyone here. Kind of nice. My wife thaught I was silly for wanting to try it. She did not understand why I wanted to (she still doesn't quite understand the fetish, but she is supportive of me).

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    My record is 10 days. I don't have a problem going out diapered but I do change to a clothback thiner diaper for that. They work surprising will and go all out Abu diapers oneies footed PJ ext whial home...... I was re molding my bathroom and pulled the toilet. I agree going 24/7 pee only is much eisior then total 24/7 pee and poop. The one big change was by the end of the week I found in was staying in my pooped diaper much longer then when I started...

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    This ought to be "International Diapered 24/7 Week". If you have 'em and aren't wearing all week, you're doing it wrong!

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