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Thread: Onions in your socks.

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    Cool Onions in your socks.

    Hi everyone.

    Thought I would share what Paddy is doing.

    Onions in your socks.

    Some of you know about my Paddy. He is my adopted son. I adopted him as an adult. He is also my caregiver. And he is also a Middle and I am his caregiver. It gets complicated.

    Basically i am the little switch.
    And he is the Middle switch.
    And together we are a pair of bright sparks. Hee, hee

    Anyway back to onions in your socks.

    Paddy said that he had read that putting chop up onions in your socks and wear the socks while you were sleeping. Helps to detox your body.

    I asked him what he did with the chop up onion in the morning. Thinkg I going to be picking out bits of onion out of the washing.

    He said that he made a cheese and onion sandwich for breakfast. And laught.

    He didn't it was in the bin.

    Anyway has anybody else come across this putting coped up onions in your socks at night?

    And are Middles just like a bit weird I mean more than us Little ones.?

    I love it life full of fun and laughter as well as tears.

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