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Thread: Neeed help looking for a car

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    Default Neeed help looking for a car

    Hi I am looking at buying a car off of craigslist for around $500.00-$700.00 and
    cant seem to find a car I really want but there are some cars that fit my budget so its not a total waste i only have until January first to get a car because the weather outside is getting really cold out. if you are in the Atlanta or Woodstock area and have a car to sell please PM me I am in Woodstock GA also I would be ever so greateful for any help in looking for a car thank you in advance and Happy Holidays

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    You just can't expect a car to be dependable in that range. You'd potentially be throwing the money away. Maybe putting a down payment on something better would be ideal. Your $500 dollar car will probably require $1000s in repair. How about researching in a loan that can give you affordable payment options instead of what money you have now. You can also work on your credit. You can reduce interest with better credit.

    At least being a potential car purchase to a mechanic, and he can give you his advice.

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    Exactly what MeTaLMaNN1983 said.

    Unless you're a serious car guy and able to do a lot of repair work yourself / willing to go hunting for cheap salvage parts or just get really damn lucky, $700 isn't gonna get you anything you're gonna want to actually drive on an actual road for any length of time.

    To be perfectly blunt, if that's all you can spare for a car right now.. between gas, insurance, and maintenance (don't underestimate this, especially on that end of the price range), licensing costs, etc.. you probably can't afford to drive. If it's at all feasible, you're probably far better off using public transit and building up some funds.

    Car loans are an option, if you have no to ok credit, the rates won't be great but won't be terrible. I'd highly recommend not getting a loan until you've got a stable income and some cash buffer (general recommendation is 3 to 6 months living expenses), as cars will break down at the worst time, and not having the buffer to handle a sudden expensive car repair is how people get into out of control debt. Then get something reliable in the $7000 to $10k range (5 to 7 year old honda, toyota, etc.. with a little love they'll run for a long time).
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    Ok there are deal's to be had my sister got a nice tracker for cheap in his price range.
    Drives great.

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    At that price only look at foreign models such as toyota, honda, etc. Ford, chevy, gmc, etc are not going to be worth crap and certainly won't last long either. (with those very few exceptions of course). Make sure it was also, only ever driven in the southern states too. The snow and salt will really ruin more than just body work.

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    I am willing to do some mechanic work on the car if it needs it as long as it a minor and inexpensive repair because I really need a car
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    yeah, it'll be an old banger at that price.
    best to try somebody whom you know and trust, just so that you're not blindly buying a money-pit or death-trap.
    dead peoples' cars can be had cheaply, with suicide-in-car preferred.

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    what about financing a car with a $500.00 down payment instead of that being the total price but if I do this it has to be a no credit check because I don't have any credit
    me and my Dad were just talking about buying and gave me this idea but the thing is I never financed a car before so I'm kinda nervous about doing this do you think I should go through with this or stick to searching for a car within my price range on craigslist

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    You can finance a good used car for under $200 a month. If you get an old beater you'll be spending that much and more just trying to keep it running.

    Financing a newer used car is a wiser choice in my opinion.

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    10 to 15 years again you could find a car in that price range. But today its almost impossible to find a running car under 1000.00 most cars in the 500$ range have major Mechanical problems and aren't worth 100$ or even free.... I can only recommend that you need to save a little more money before. Looking

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