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Thread: partial toileting in taped briefs for bowel and bladder loss.

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    Default partial toileting in taped briefs for bowel and bladder loss.

    I have no control so I don't worry about this, but how does one toilet and still get the taped briefs on again properly? I know that some men are able to just pull out their penis and pee, but for a BM, one has to undo the whole thing, and one has an incentive to do this so one doesn't have to deal with a clean up - either at home, in bed, or worse while away from home. Even the best pull ups like abena are great for toileting but bad for sealing and support.

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    I average about 3 to 4 bms a day and can usually (though not always) make it to the toilet to avoid a messy diaper. For diapers with double tapes (a blue piece that is under the white tape attached to the diaper), it's pretty easy to untape the diaper on one side, slide off (I usually untape on my right side and slide it down my leg on my left) and when you are done, retape back to the original position (on the blue tape, which remains stuck to the diaper). I've done this many many times with a diaper that is only slightly wet. If I'm pretty wet, I'll just change the diaper entirely. This is also works just fine with cloth-like backed disposables and those with the plastic landing zones. Untape, toilet then retape. And, you don't have to deal with pull ups with inferior protection.

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    Most tape diapers can also be slid down with not that much effort. Even if you have them snug, you just shimmy them down a little at a time until things are clear, do your business, and then pull them back up. They'll still be tight on you after (though I too, just change if my diaper is too wet, it's icky to put a wet diaper back on once it's off).

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    I've never managed to slide off a diaper without undoing any tapes. There's just no way the top, taped snugly to my waist, will expand to fit over my hips.

    So, I just untape the top tapes, wiggle it down a bit, and then fold the back down so it's out of the way.

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    Stand up and bend forward at the waist. Reach around back and slide the top back of the diaper down a couple of inches. Stand up straight and slide the top down. You may need to repeat this once more, but the diaper will slide down past your hips this way, and you will be able to take it off without undoing the tapes. Putting it back on is done the same way but in reverse.

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    As far as I've done this, I've just pushed my knees together to make my hips smaller and pulled the diaper down. My usual diaper, Abena M3, is cloth-backed and has very refastenable tapes, so if I need to refit it after I use it, that's doable.

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    Anytime I do that, I always end up ripping a tape off. So its just easier for me to take it off and change into a new one. Sucks if its barely used but that's what I do.

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