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Thread: penis, ED and adult diaper use

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    Default penis, ED and adult diaper use

    I sure that there are at least a few of you who are double incont. and also have ED. I barely get an erection any more and they are of course related. The good news is that my penis stays put in the diaper.I don't even both pointing it down anymore, and it makes it easier to change. And there was no embarassment when a nurse has to change me. Do any of your have the same problem or problems with erections and/or being changed by a caregiver and getting an erection?

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    I have Ed and it is definitely not an issue of being "uncomfortable".

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    I admit that my male urogenital anatomy is non-functional.
    I am unable to expel spermatozoa cells.
    Yes, I still experience intense vascular tumescence of my penis though.
    But, no baby-making fluid with spermatozoa cells.
    I am impotent.

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    At my age I don't have to worry about mine when I change my diapers.

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    I used to have that "problem", but then my testosterone took a natural but major nose dive. I seldom get erections any more, but have actually found this to be better overall.

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    Started having erectile problems many years ago, testosterone levels were extremely low because of being on high dose pain medications for nasty headaches. Ended up on T replacement for it, had bad reactions to the patches and the gel. Finally was put on injections, and had bad reaction to that in the form of nasty testicular pain, eventually solved by removal of both testicles.

    In short, can still get erect, but cannot get anyone pregnant. Don't have a caregiver, and change my own diapers, so no worry there. About only thing I deal with is when I'm in to see the doctor or having some medical procedure done that they will see my diapers.

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    I have 100% ED after non-nerve sparing radical prostatectomy. One of the side effects of removing an inch and a half of plumbing, is that one's plumbing is an inch and a half shorter. Go figure!!! (Interesting that doctors don't talk about this phenomenon) That means I always wet straight into the front of the diaper now, whether standing, sitting, or laying on my front, back, or side.

    Before my prostatectomy, I never had an issue with erections when being changed, because if I needed assistance I was seriously ill.

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    I'm not IC, but if changes me some preety female CG, it'd everything except embarasing !!!

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    I seem to have a smaller member flaccid but after using my VED it's good for short course of intercourse.

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    I have ED, but still get an erection if given enough stimulus and cialis. Lol. I've always changed myself so I've never had a CG problem.

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