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Thread: Wearing and changing disposable briefs at the gym

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    Default Wearing and changing disposable briefs at the gym

    I have to wear adult briefs/diapers all the time after an accident four years ago. I was in physical therepy and had to wear them during the exercises. At that time, I couldn't even feel them on. I have recovered except for incontinence. Perhaps as a compensation, I go to the gym and lift weights etc. I was wondering if any of you wear protection to a gym and what problems you have experienced. I don't use the stairmaster. I have a locker of my own and keep supplies in it so I don't have to bring the briefs along every time. Has anyone had any particular exercises where one leaks or soils? Has anyone had any runs in - either with the management or other members? I don't shower there for obvious reasons but may gain the confidence one day to do it. I would also like to use the pool and have several pairs of swim diapers but am pretty scared to use them. When one's' outer suit it wet, it's pretty easy to see the outline of even an unused brief. What are you thoughts? When I have to change a messy or full brief, I have bought a tan and used the private tanning rooms. Just a suggestion.
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    I'd suggest throwing an "asking for a friend" question to one of the staff there. I'm sure they'd have some accommodation available to those who would need it.

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