well, im back in rehab at the VA. but this time i plan to have an extended stay and really work out some issues with my life other than just drugs and alcohol.
A lot or my drinking comes from issues with my PTSD from combat and stress in general. The VA campus that im at has many different programs that i think will help me get my life back on track.
in the past month ive lost my job and appartment, if it wasn't for being a veteran i would be sleeping in my truck. if everything goes how im hoping it will, i may be leaving here with not only my sobriety in control, but also with enough money to dig out of the financial hole ive been living in.
part of what keeps me going and happy are my diapers of course so i was worried about getting them here because i have no money to order them so ive told the doctors that i have nighttime incontinence because of the motorcycle accidet i was in, which i do have nerve damage from. they plan on scheduling a consult with a urologist and i'm wondering what i can expect when i see that doctor?
the first few days i had to use tranquility pullups which absorb a good amount but were prone to leaks because you cant get them snug. a combination of the pullups and the classically terrible hospital plastic backed tape-ons worked much better for a few days after that. when i saw they were using tranquility brand i asked the nurse to see if they had any ATN's. unfortunately they didn't but they did have cloth backed tab style tranquility that are almost as good as ATNs. these cloth backed ones are almost better for my situation anyway because they are more discreet as far as the crinkling goes.
when i get out of the rehab program and into the next program i'll be working and will have enough money to have premium diapers shipped to me.
Do i feel bad for getting free diapers? Nope, i've only recently filed my disability claim for my military service, i could have been receiving tax free money for the past ten years...the way i see it they can back pay me with diapers.