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Thread: Am i developing a eating disorder?

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    Default Am i developing a eating disorder?

    long story short, I only eat one meal a day, but last year or so I've kind of lost interest in food, only eat when I'm hungry, and the thought of food alone makes me feel sick.

    Certain things like cake, chips etc make me feel so sick, I can have a bite than its like fuck this, than I give it to the dog.

    I'm underweight, well I assume, my weight goes from 65kg to 60kg, but I'm roughly 60kg have been for a couple years now, think I was 50kg at one point, I'm quite tall, 188 cm's roughly??, might even be a bit shorter. tallest in my family actually, though I have a friend who is literally 2 meters, guy is a fucking giant.

    But yeah, certain foods I can't eat, kind of lost interest in food ever since my depression developed, used to just drink soda, didn't eat much, dad is kind of the same. some days I can eat two pizzas, other days I can barely eat one slice without wanting to vomit.

    Although, I don't hate fat people, I hate the idea of me being fat, it's just disgusting for me, I don't want to be too fat, or too skinny. I've got friends who are big, but for some reason the idea of me being big, just scares me, but that might stem into specific things happening, ie people dying young, heart attacks, etc. I don't want any of that to happen to me.

    Even with alcohol, I can get drunk, but it's not something my body likes, it's like it tries to reject it, i'm guessing it may be psychological.

    I should mention, i'm prone to mouth ulcers
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    I'd say you may be on the way, and it seems there may be some contributing factors such as your mouth ulcers. I'm no doctor of any kind, but I recommend you see a doctor and tell him or her about your unique situation. Seeking help for depression can help you immensely and may also help you along with your nourishment situation. After all depression can do many things to the body.

    I know it's a dime-a-dozen answer but that doesn't make it any less meaningful. Think about it for a while, let me know what you think.

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    I know that you mentioned food repulses you and it may be a reflex reaction and a side effect of depression. You mentioned you find the idea of yourself being fat as disgusting.

    It branches over into eating disorder category when food and calorie intake dominate most of your decision-making and you begin to actively initiate self-harm such as starving or purging for those isolated reasons. Although the repulsion from food and weight gain isn't mutually exclusive; when you benchmark your self-control and self-worth over how much you eat, that's a dangerous, disordered thinking pattern that leads to anorexia or bulimia.

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    Have you seen or is it possible for you to see a nutritionist? I've struggled with eating before and I strongly, strongly recommend it. It may seem scary or unnecessary at first, but that's certainly not the case They're super nice and helpful and care about your wellbeing, and they know what they're talking about, too.

    To me it sounds like symptoms similar to EDNOS, but I'm no expert, and that's a very broad medical term.

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