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Thread: Your ideal school uniform outfit?

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    Default Your ideal school uniform outfit?

    I am shopping for a school uniform at the moment for my little side, I want it to be cutesy, like a bow in my hair and plaid skirt.. but I realised I don't really know what top would look best!

    Any ideas? what would your school uniform look like?

    Any other dream outfits?

    Outfit suggestions for a 2 and a half year old little (girl)?

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    Year but you are two young to go to school.
    Like me.

    But if and that's a big IF I ever, ever ever grow up. And I got absolutely no attention on growing up. Then I might have to go to school and get educated.

    even though it's more fun being ignorant.

    And a lot of big word for a little boy like me. So I off to play with my car.


    Have lots and lots of fun.


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    I've gotta say something with a bow in the hair. Some kind of nice pleated skirt and a cute top with a jacket. Oh oh oh and maryjane shoes. And of course a diaper underneath :P I'm sure if I were to give it more than about 30 seconds of thought I could come up with someone super adorable but that's all I got for now.

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    I want a boy's school uniform. Not one of the private school ones... Just a normal one. I've found a place I can get the t-shirt made so I hope to do that this year.

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    For accuracy, a jumper - littler kids move around too much to keep shirts tucked into skirts.

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    For me, socks are vital. When I dress little schoolboy-ish, it's grey shorts, white shirt, either polo or button up, and white ankle socks and no shoes.
    Just my personal taste, but girls can have either knee or ankle socks, preferably white.
    Thick white or grey stockings are more than fine too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MandyBear View Post
    Well if you are looking for authentic definitely give them a try
    That white blouse with plaid tie would be perfect for me since I wear kilted skirts i.e. mini-kilts - really short hem raising ruffled diapers !
    Oops blew my diaper cover have a Merry Christmas anyway !

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