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Thread: Question to babyfurs

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    Default Question to babyfurs

    I'm not a babyfur, but I do have a question to babyfurs. I mean this non offensively, btw.

    When a babyfur uses a diaper, wouldn't it be very messy? I get images of matted fur and the likes of that. Or is the area where a diaper would be shaved?

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    I would imagine in a realistic sense it would be very messy - similar to cleaning a dog, but I think maybe the thickness of the fur would further affect the difficulty in cleaning. As far as I know, it's not normally thought about in a realistic sense and treated as simple as if it were human skin being cleaned. I mean. Diaper wearing anthropomorphic characters are already in the realm of fantasy. d:

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    that is probably a fair point that is made. I guess the closest would be when real dogs get older and have incontinence problems, I know sometimes people use doggy diapers for that. Not sure how easy it is to manage with that. Maybe somebody who has used them on their dog would be able to comment?

    Otherwise I agree, this might be something that is a bit more difficult in actuality rather than in real life. But as Cereal mentioned, it would kind of spoil the specialness of babyfur if that went into super detail about it. So its kind of made to be similar to changing any other diaper.

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    Thats we have a sprayer in the restrooms for cubs and a tollet that rinces the bottems after going having nice clean fur feel so nice.
    Nice warm water feels nice for cubs they dont mind it at all.
    Oils to keep fur healthy and shiny and special nano tec to help no stick.
    We at furry labs have been a leader in cleaning items from cub to adult.
    Be it any species.

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    Generally that issue gets handwaved away, along with the issue of a tail as it relates to a diaper and the general logistics of everyone being covered in fur (imagine the drifts of fur in the summer from everyone shedding). That's the beauty of everything basically being cartoon characters.

    From a more realistic standpoint, I suppose some sort of additive in shampoo that makes things not stick to fur would be quite popular, even for adult furs having nothing to do with diapers. Other than that, actually washing the area with soap and water would probably be necessary after any change.

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    In reality, there's little to no actual fur right there. I know the common depiction has the fur running all the way down the abdomen, but one dogs, for instance, it tapers off sharply at the posterior margin of the ribs and in the vicinity of the dorsal margin of the abdominal muscles. Bare skin runs pretty much uninterrupted all the way to just below the tail. So, you know, bare skin like a human in that region. I know that at least house cats have similar absence of fur in that region. Not as sure about other mammals.

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    Do people wear baby-fur suits like regular furries do?
    If they do, do they wear one under AND over the second skin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doshy View Post
    Do people wear baby-fur suits like regular furries do?
    If they do, do they wear one under AND over the second skin?
    That's a good question. I've seen it over the suit in some posts on FA and friendlists, but all the baby furs I've met who suited up at a con I attended did so beneath their suits. I imagine some might do both ways. O:

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    Its kind of a no no to wear an exposed diaper at a con.
    You will be asked to not wear one and told to take it off.
    Under clothing is ok as long as not showing.
    We have a hard time being accepted by some furs let a lone pushing our likes in others faces.
    There are even some that plant things like diapers to make us baby furs look bad.
    Last rainfurest some one was leaving adult diapers on cars in parking lot to make us look bad.

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