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Thread: Turns out $1.60 is a good number

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    Default Turns out $1.60 is a good number

    So, my current line up consists of BetterDry as my morning and late evening diaper. Northshore Supreme is my in and out daytime diaper and Molicare super plus is my sleeping diaper. These all turn out to be about $1.60 ea. Have soft quiet plastic, 4 second chance white on blue style tapes. As I have noted before, I don't like taping panels, they make the diaper too stiff around the waist. In all of these, the padding comes up close to the waist. Only the BetterDry has waist bands.
    The Molicare is the champion of wicking, a feature that really works well when sleeping. The Northshore has a very sturdy pad that won't fall apart.
    The BetterDry have the best suction of any diaper I have ever worn. And they expand alot. I like to flood when I wet, and all of these diapers will take one flooding with abandon without fear of leaking. So that is what $1.60 will get you. I am happy now.

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    That's actually the number I'd throw out as my limit for a choice for frequent use. Anything more than that is a splurge/treat diaper for me. Of course very regular wear (like what I wear to work every day) I still want a bit cheaper, but $1.60 is a good price point for my mix of higher performance overnights.

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