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Thread: Whats in your diaper bag?

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    Default Whats in your diaper bag?

    whats in your diaper bag that you tote around. Here's mine!Click image for larger version. 

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    Lets see at least 4 diapers, changing mat, powder, wipes and the extras

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    In mine, it's a small backoack with wipes, 3 diapers, rash cream, a trash bag and diapers bags.

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    Just diapers and baby powder, which I recently started using in an effort to make my habit a more sanitary one.

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    I usually have 6-10 diapers with wipes and barrier cream. Changing at work can be tricky but I can usually make it until 1 or 2 before I need to change. I usually do my 2nd change right before I leave work for the day or right when I get home. So I have at least a day or 2 supply in my diaper bag at all times.

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    3-4 diapers, a change of plastic pants, baby powder, lotion, wipes, plastic bags.

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