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Thread: Just a random question for everyone

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    Default Just a random question for everyone

    I think it would be interesting to find out what jobs people on this site have? See how we make our money to buy our diapers and such. Me, i work in a warehouse where i process skids of DVDs and games. It consist of just weighing the skid doing some paperwork and wrapping it. It's an easy job and i work with great people but hopefully i can enroll back in college and become a radio DJ. So what do you do for a living?

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    I wear cloth diapers so I can never run out now except clean ones. I am not working right now so I am getting unemployment.

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    I am an attorney, specializing in litigation and Federal appeals. The hours are long, but it does pay for my diapers and pacifiers.

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    I work at Kumon, a place to teach youngsters Maths + English, only part time coz still in school !!

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    I work at a Dollarama, and I am hoping for a second job at Lowes (I have a third interview tomorrow,) so yeah. I am also in school, albeit I just have two online classes at the moment.

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    I'm unemployed and only a few days away from being eligible for the dole. cha-ching!

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    I am a bager at a grocery store but i also clean and bring in cart and i might get a second job soon

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