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    Hey guys I have some questions. First off I am 20 years old and go to college and work part time. I am extremely smart and very active. I live with my parents unfortunately and with 3 brothers in a ranch house. No matter how hard I try to man up or ignore diaper wearing thoughts they come back stronger then ever and I cannot take it anymore . I often have dreams about them too. I'm totally cool but my mom does not allow me to wear them while I live at home still. I would appreciate any advice on any tips especially on concealing. What is the average age people move out? I just want to be able to wear a thick diaper so bad lol !!! I can't imagine how good they will feel against against my abs. I think it's something that stays with people no matter how hard they try to ignore it.

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    my advice... hold out and find an apartment... not worth falling out with family.

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    My mom didn't accept my diaper wearing. I got discovered my senior year in college. It wasn't long after graduation that I got my first full time job and moved out. I was 22. I think that's your best option. You might be able to sneak some limited diaper wearing but living with three brothers will make that difficult. I was an only child and my bedroom was a finished attic, so I had a lot more privacy.

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    Respect your mother and her household. Indulge when you can but don't be stupid. As for the average age of moving out. These days it seems like 21 or so. My parents kicked me out at 20.

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    You say your mom does not approve of them, what does your father think about them?
    And if you think that your dad does not know, uh you are wrong, lol, parents talk to each other.

    3 other brothers, ya that equals like zero privacy, but you didn't mention which one you are, youngest, oldest, middle?

    For what age to move out? That is a very complicated question these days seeing how over the last 8-10yrs (here in the states anyways) due to the economic downturn & slow recovery there are/were people, single & with families, finding themselves moving BACK in with parents.

    Anyways, you're 20, college student (locally seeing as you live at home) it's not uncommon to live at home till you finish.
    Your only bet for moving out now is a roommate or 2 or 3, lol. Sure you are away from your parents, but don't expect your personal space or privacy to get much if at all better, lol. Roommates can sometimes be just as nosey, if not more, then parents.

    You could have another talk with your mom, maybe try to better explain why you like them & more importantly what they do for you.
    You can always use the "its better then me staying out late, doing bad things, doing drugs, its not harming anyone, ect, ect" line of thought.

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    I think people move out anywhere in early adulthood, from eighteen to the mid-twenties, around when they attend college. Yes, moving out will be nice for many reasons but consider this: even if you find an apartment, you most likely will share it with others. Would you be ok letting your roommates know about your interest or hiding it from them? What would it mean to you if they knew or found out? These hypotheticals are kinda dependant on the situation, but you should still consider them

    You live in a ranch house, huh? That sounds pretty nice. Is it rural?

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    You should definitely find a way to move out. I recommend a second job (or a first one if you are only going to school and not working) Yeah life is hard and work is hard, but as others have mentioned, you don't want to mix your diaper interests with family, it just can't end well. Start looking for affordable apartments in your area (look for ones over garages and such rented by owner, always more affordable!) Then figure out how much you'll need to make each month to pay your rent and have enough to live. Start a real budget now that keeps you out of debt too! Trust me on this, you'll be much happier down the road.

    Good Luck!

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    Use this energy to keep focus on being successful so you can get a good job and move out.

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