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Thread: New here, but not to the scene.

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    Default New here, but not to the scene.

    I am a very content DL who is happily married to a wonderful woman who also loves everything DL related. I'm a business owner while she is in the healthcare sector. My business keeps me busy 60+ hrs. a week but I always make time for hunting, fishing & lots of Vegas trips. The thing I like about this site is I can come here on occasion for the opportunity to read the things that interest me without feeling like I have to be a part of every conversation. There are lots of opinions & experiences that I may enjoy. I can make a positive comment when I feel the need & I can skip over the things that I might not relate to. While my DL interests are fun, I do not let them interfere with my everyday life & responsibilities. I have a very well balanced lifestyle.

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    Hello bambinopup and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.


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    Hi and welcome to the site. Cool on owning your own business. A friend of mine has always owned his own businesses until he recently retired. It's to be your own boss, though the public can be your bosses as well, in the sense that they buy your products.

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