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    I had joined this site, but I don't really see the appeal. People don't seem to be on. I might just be on it to watch over things happening close to me.

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    I thought about joining that place, but felt it might be a bit too intense for me.
    That and I really didn't like all the information they were asking of me at sign up.

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    Fetlife is greeeeeeat! But it depends what you're on their for. I used it to make friends and build nerve to attend local events/munches.

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    To be honest I see where the appeal in the website is. It looks like it could be a legitimately good way to meet people who live near you with similar interests but at the end of the day I don't enjoy spending time on there nor have I really contacted many people. It's just got too many people that are really full-on about their kink and meeting up for casual sex. I find it pretty unnerving really as someone who just isn't interested in that sort of thing.

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    Fetlife is a great place to look for munches and other events. They also have a lot of forums to discuss various different subjects. Don't do a ton over there now, but I still go on to look for events from time to time.

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    I joined Fetlife a while back but I've only really been contacted by creepers. There are a couple of nice people I've met there but I've found that more often than not people will message you just to try and get naughty pictures. Since I don't post naughty pictures or give them out people will message me asking for them, then when I say no they just stop replying. Fetlife is good if you can meet nice people on there but most of the people I've found in my personal experience have just wanted sex or genital pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AddyShadows View Post
    I joined Fetlife a while back but I've only really been contacted by creepers.
    Yeeeeeah, the creepers suck, but after awhile you filter through them from the lack of responding and blocking. It sucks, but between internet anonymity and no chill it's a forever issue. Still! As someone who was super hesitant at first, it really is super neat. I've met amazing people through their that I don't think I'd have met otherwise. It also matters (I'd think) just how useful it is for local groups that remain active or interesting. Sometimes, that can be a bad luck of the draw location-wise.

    But ummm! Yeah~! I might just be over positive cause of the babbus on there making me laugh.

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    I found if you join the nonsexual groups it's tamer.
    There are AB nonsexual and littles nonsexual also.
    I'm not so much into the kink stuff as much being a little one.
    But would never found a little play group if I had not joined fetlife.
    Got to go writing Santa a note :-)

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    By definition AB and DL are non sexual. This is simply who I am, and I too prefer to stay away from the Diaper Sex/ Diaper Fetish side.

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    I joined fetlife a while ago!!

    Of course you have your handful of creeps, but you just have to filter it as best as you can!

    I am a non sexual little, and have found a really good local group I wouldn't of met otherwise! In fact I am going to a littles Christmas party this weekend!

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