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Thread: "Sex On The Edge: Age" (BBC film)

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    Unhappy "Sex On The Edge: Age" (BBC film)

    Has anyone seen the short BBC documentary series "Sex On The Edge"? I just saw the episode called "Age", which is about legal, consenting partners age-playing.

    I... didn't think they could make it sound as weird and disturbing as they did... I guess it is called "Sex On The Edge", but... wow.

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    Videos exploiting sexual variations are always going to be interesting because of people's practical and religious beliefs. But it does make you wonder why people can't be more normal; like us. Thanks for sharing that.

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    The voice modulation early on doesn't do it all any favors. The content was pretty densely presented, so there wasn't as much time for context as some of the other programs. I don't think this would be a good go-to for someone trying to alleviate concerns of the uninitiated.

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