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Thread: ABU super dry kids V2 noticed changes

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    Default ABU super dry kids V2 noticed changes

    I have been using AB universe Super dry kids V2 diapers for over a year now using about a case every two months as well as other VINTAGE series abu diapers which were all the same except the print. So I received a case last week and there are changes that I've noticed and hoping that they have not switched suppliers as the V2 super dry kid diaper was by far the best quality diaper available. When comparing the recent order to a bag left from a previous order its obvious that the actual diaper is slightly wider, I have used 4 diapers and the tapes seem to be a lesser quality and one of them actually came undone at night. I also think that the padding may have been reduced slightly as well. Anyone eles receive any AB universe SDK V2 diapers after there re-stock?

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    I have some of the V2's, though they were ordered a while back (About 2 months ago). After trying the original version, the V2 seems like its a bit thinner in general and also seemed like they held less.

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    Are you talking the plastic or clothlike? Also, considering they've released the preschools, which were intended to be a thinner, four taped version of the SDK (for daytime wear) I'd be surprised if they thinned down the SDK?

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    This may seem weird and may just be me, but the Preschool Plastic seems to hold up for as long as my first-batch SDK v2's do, even though the SDKv2 bag is 20% longer than the Preschool bag (same diaper count inside)

    I think it's probably because of the single tapes not getting a good seal around the thighs causing them to leak sooner?

    If anyone has a sealed bag of new SDK v2's and wants to measure it, here's where my old bag stacks up: 13" wide by 9" tall by 6.5" deep.

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    I was personally talking about the single tape plastic backed ones. No one really mentioned the preschool ones in this thread until you guys posted lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abdlforfun View Post
    ....tapes seem to be a lesser quality and one of them actually came undone at night. I also think that the padding may have been reduced slightly as well. Anyone eles receive any AB universe SDK V2 diapers after there re-stock?
    Was wanting to pick mine up yesterday but that got derailed, was really disappointed but after reading this I might just go for 1 bag on my order rather than a restock to check myself.... Can't believe it from ABU but how many times have we all suffered from dirty shrinkflation tactics from diaper manufacturers?

    Anyway you can photograph the difference to show in the width?

    The tapes had always been amazing from my experience but then they need to be since their isn't a daggy backup tape, for them to fail would be disastrous.

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    We have not reduced or changed anything with regard to production on the SDK V2 since the V2 was created. If you're having a production related problem, please contact [email protected] so we can gather some photos and take a look at this.

    Casey Strom

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    Yunno, if ABU was any type of "normal" company, it would be a fantastic case study as to how to reverse a company's fortunes.
    Unfortunately its not

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    Wow. What a difference in customer response compared with Bambino and the response to their well known issues. Well done, Casey. While I can't always afford your diapers, I love supporting businesses that appreciate their customers and are responsive. Keep up the good work!

    Back OT, lets hope that the OP's issue is a one-off, as nobody else so far seems to have seen this issue.

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    This is why it really helps to have an AB/DL in charge.

    They're actually wanting to be here on these forums reading the topics, and see customer issues first-hand to address and respond to.

    It took Bambino a clear "there's a problem" topic title, photographic proof for evidence, and nine pages of discussion to get a bare minimum response. No offer to address the actual problem either.

    But I can't say I fully blame them. If I weren't an AB/DL, and I were a tiny company with two or three employees, I don't know I'd have the time or desire to read every AB/DL forum out there trying to track down dissatisfied customers. Still it's a clear advantage for ABU!

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