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Thread: Your favorite wetting position?

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    Default Your favorite wetting position?

    As the title asks, what is your favorite way to wet your diaper?

    Personally, I like the sensation that comes with laying flat on my back. But I also like the feeling when I'm sitting in my computer chair, but that's both the wetting and position feeling more like a little, especially if I'm watching a movie and just let it happen like I could do no different.

    What's your favorite position?

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    For me, it isn't just about the position I'm in, but also what I'm wearing at the time. For some reason I find it really hard to wet if I'm laying down wearing nothing but a diaper. But If I'm wearing a t-shirt or something else, it becomes much easier and more enjoyable. My favorite way to wet would be on my back wearing my footie pj's, and a thick crinkly plastic diaper. It takes me back to the days of being 5-6 years old again, and feeling helpless. I hope that doesn't sound too weird.

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    I guess my favorite position would be in bed and on my back. It' such a nice feeling of pee rolling over my groin into the back of the diaper.

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    I haven't really thought about this one too much. I guess I would say laying down or sitting back while carrying on with my usual activities. Standing up is easiest for me, but not my favorite.

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    Probably laying on my back. Or just sitting way back say like in a recliner. I like to feel it trickle down my crack and swell around my butt.

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    Relaxed in bed laid on my stomach

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    standing at a wall leaning against it. cant stop the flow

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    Quote Originally Posted by ST50 View Post
    Relaxed in bed laid on my stomach
    This would be my fav also , but only get one go at it laying on my tummy.... then have to roll over or leakage will occur :/

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    Relaxed in bed on my stomach
    In cotton diapers and plastic panties.

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    On my back u can feel the pee run down to my bum

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