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Thread: How a Fat Person Wears Pull-Ups Training Pants

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    Default How a Fat Person Wears Pull-Ups Training Pants

    I've had an affinity for training pants since early childhood. Way before I was into being an ab, they're pretty much where my diaper fetish originated from. I didn't get to wear them as a toilet-training toddler. My mom said they were dumb, just diapers. Anyway...

    Being overweight, I've had to settle for simply stuffing them in my underwear. I did try to pin them to a pair of underwear with the crotch cut out before, but I didn't have the right kind of pins and it didn't work out.

    Until now.

    Yesterday I got to go Christmas shopping for my mother, which meant I got to stock up on supplies. Besides a fresh pack of Palace Pets Pull-Ups and two packs of my preferred Huggies One and Done wipes, I also picked up a pack of safety pins and a four pack of diaper pins.

    I cut the crotch out of another pair of panties (I'd misplaced the last pair), leaving strips of the fabric hanging down. Using the diaper pins, I attached the elastic sides of the Pull-Up to these strips, front and back. Using the smaller safety pins, I secured the top of the Pull-Up to the panties, again front and back.

    And it worked. I only had a pin come undone once while pulling my creation up and on. Stayed secure through the night while I slept.

    I took it off in the morning and put it back on in the afternoon for the wetting test. Without having underwear overtop, providing support, I wondered if it would hold up without leaking.

    I gave it about the same size wetting I normally do in a Pull-Up, perhaps a little more. I did end up with some dampness around the leg.

    It's not perfect, and it takes some extra effort, but I suppose it makes wearing Pull-Ups a little more authentic-feeling than just putting them inside my underwear.

    I know some people may say why bother with it when there are properly-fitting adult diapers. I have those, and they have their own charm. But it's not the stuff I've secretly loved for so long, the stuff with the advertisements that caught my eye in childhood. I'm more of a training-pants lover than a diaper lover.

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    I can absolutely relate to this. I've always loved the colorful, fun prints that come on the side of a Huggies Pull Up, or a package of Goodnites. Adult training pants were limited to dry, blase colors like white, grey, etc. (yawn) Being that I weigh around 200 pounds, my options were scarce until I was poking around on Ebay once and found that there was an individual out there who took training pants and fitted them together. I'm not quite sure how he did it, but he would take 2-3 pairs at a time and make them into one large Goodnite. They were advertised as comfortably fitting people who weigh up to 250 pounds, so I decided to take the plunge and I ordered 10 pairs. Other than being a bit too small in the rear compartment, they fit snugly and don't rip or tear.

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    Diaper alterations may be easier to visualize if one were thinking of wearing a diaper as a loin cloth removing the side panels with tabs and then simply using underwear to hold the
    diaper in place like a belt would holding the loin cloth (diaper) in place. All the benefits of having a diaper with larger capacity to hold a load and the elastic waist band strong enough
    also to hold the load. Could even add one or more loin cloth diapers to go the distance to changing. Drop the underwear just low enough to remove the diapered loin cloth and insert
    another - total disrobing not necessary like with a pull up and the ease of doing the change like with diaper and no struggling with side panels and tape landing area. If dry could be
    used till that happens. No problem with the plastic panty either - wearing a skirt or dress would never be a problem and pants shorts etc. would only need be dropped to knee level.

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