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Thread: My poor stuffed animals :(

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    Default My poor stuffed animals :(

    something happened that made me really sad and no one around me can really understand why I felt that way and why I couldn't just take it as a joke and I really need to share this with someone who might get it, so I'm sorry for bringing up a sad topic, but I need you guys. :(

    Yesterday my boyfriend had a friend visiting us. It was all fine till he started throwing me my stuffed animals. That wasn't too bad yet, but then he took my favourite one - a little sheep I sleep with - by her ear and when I told him to stop it and give her to me (bc even though I rationally know it's just a thing, I feel like it hurts her), he just laughed and held her by her neck, which was even worse. He held her so I couldn't reach her. I was starting to feel desperate, so I told my boyfriend to tell him something, bc he knows how much I love her and that I hate when people do this. He normally is very understanding and treats her very gently, but this time he just laughed with his friend. I just felt like sitting on the bed and crying, which I didn't do, bc I had to act like an adult. But I felt so helpless and alone and betrayed, like I was a little child being bullied and the one person you think is your friend joins the bullies.

    To make things worse my bf then took another one of my stuffed animals and suggested doing something really nasty to it (I can't even write it here). I then later explained that i really don't like when someone does this (in as mature way as I was capable of) and later discussed it with only my bf (in a less mature way) - they both appologized. But I still can't get over it. It did make me feel little, but not in a good way.

    The bad thing is I can't share this with anyone I personally know, bc they can not possibly understand, which I get and respect. But I need to get this out. Does anyone know how I feel? :(

    Thank you so much for reading this, I appreciate it a lot. <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leilana View Post
    I was a little child being bullied and the one person you think is your friend joins the bullies. <3
    Not a good sign. So when your bf gets with others, he cares about them more than you. Is this really the type of bf you want to be with long term?

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    could you talk with your parents they're usely understanding you don't have to go it in a "little" way

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    BlueGrey Oh no, I made it sound much worse then it really was - I forgot to add that this is my perspective. The boys just thought we were all having fun and didn't realize till later that I wasn't. Honestly, how many adults do you know that would feel like crying bc you held their stuffed animal a certan way? My bf apologized many times and said that if he knew how horrible it made me feel he wouldn't have done it. Trust me, I wouldn't let him bully me. But thank you so much for your concern
    icklespace I cannot imagine how my parents would react if their adult daughter called them and said she's sad bc some guys treated her stuffed sheep in a nasty way So no, I didn't tell them, although I wish I had some nice mommy (caretaker) to console me But I already feel a bit better after sharing it at least here

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    Aww you poor thing. I can understand how that situation could be really upsetting and how that would be pretty tough to explain while you're an adult in adults company.

    I'm sure your boyfriend didn't mean to be hurtful though. Guys tend to love teasing girls they like and he probably thought you were just playing along or being silly. I take it from your comment about being mature that you're totally open about being AB with him. I imagine he understands better now if you explained it from that perspective. As long as your little sheep buddy is okay then you can put it all behind you now.

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    What you need is a real live German shepherd, one that hates to see your plushies get mistreated!

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    It probably helps that I am a rougher looking older guy but I don't know why your reply should be any different than what mine would have been.

    "don't touch my s***"

    Who needs people who need that explained to them?

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    Hi Leilana

    Sorry to hear what happened. And I know your bf has said he is sorry.

    But I think it is going a bit deaper than this. It is more about the betrayal of trust. You trusted your bf to bring to a stop something that you did not like. And he doesn't.

    Trust in someone is so easily broken and then it takes time to be able to trust that person again.

    I hope you can work it out with your bf, and your can build from this.

    All the best


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    Hi Leilana. That's a really sad story, I'm so sorry that happened! If it were me in that situation, I'd get pretty angry. I don't even think it needs to be justified or explained away or worried about being seen as little. It's your things and people mistreating them, that's a really good reason to get angry at any age. I'm glad you got apologies after, though I'm in the camp that thinks you should make sure your boyfriend really understands why you were upset. I'd suggest pointing him to this thread actually, if that wouldn't get him angry.

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    I very much understand you see a part of you was in little space.
    That part of you felt very betrayed very understandable you see our little part is always there some times out front when in full little mode.
    Some times in the back ground when adult mode.

    We get attached to our plushies especially that little part of yourself so don't think you're strange or anything like that.
    our little is very much a part of us where most people leave it behind our Littles are a part of us.
    So a friend hug from some one that has been there.
    As I cuddle my bear bear friend.
    Dose your BF know you have a little he should know that at times he needs to take that into account when doing things like that .

    We can be very hurt in that mode being that is part of us we put in a safe place and it's there and being at a little age it takes thing's at that age level teasing can be hurtful linked with other thing you have experienced in your lifetime. Mabey a safe word you two can work out that signals going to far some thing like that lightens the mood.
    So many of us would be devastated if something happened to our plush lost or broken.

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