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Thread: First time wetting diaper

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    Red face First time wetting diaper

    Hey, everyone! I've been good, I wet my diaper! ^-^

    But with all joking aside, yesterday, I wet my diaper for the very first time, and I thought I would share my experience to you all.

    So, basically, I'm quite new to the ABDL-stuff, and when I started, I thought I would start off slowly. Therefore, I've taken a long time before I decided to wet my diaper (Approx. 4 months). But yesterday, I decided that it was time to do so.

    So, I just came home from school, being all alone in the house. And, of course, when I'm alone, I always take the chance of putting on a diaper. So I was in my room, doing my homework when I realized that I had to pee. Instead of going to the toilet as I usually do, I decided that I would sit right where I was and just release it in the diaper.

    ...Only for me to realize that it was easier said than done.

    So I was pushing myself to pee, but nothing came. Eventually, I thought that I might try a different tactic in order to achieve a wet diaper. So I took off my pants, laid down on my bed, spread out my legs and pushed, and with some effort, I got myself to pee. From that point, things were a lot easier; everything just flowed out into the diaper, and I did no longer have to push. Eventually, all the pee that was in my body was now in the diaper.

    Afterwards, I realized that wetting a diaper wasn't really that special. The diaper felt heavy and warm, warmer than usually, but it was also a relief after the surprisingly amount of effort required to achieve such a theoretically simple task. So, what I did afterwards was to take off the diaper, put it in the trash, and get back to ordinary underwear, since I felt that was enough diaper wearing for a day.

    So, that's my story. Sorry for the long text, but hey, I had a lot to say.

    With that said, how was your first time wetting?
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    Congratulations on your first pee day! One thing you will come to realize through experience is that it is very difficult to pee while sitting in a chair. It's almost like we have a button on the bottom of our butts that is activated when sitting in a chair, but since a toilet has a big hole in the middle of the seat, it is not a problem. I can pee while sitting only when I have a massively full bladder, but it is usually easier to get things flowing by sitting at the edge of the seat or standing up.

    Also, even though I have been doing this for about 8 years, I still have difficulty laying down and trying to pee. I usually have to either lay on my stomach, or lie on my back but elevate my body while putting my chin to my chest. Sometimes just putting your chin to your chest is another trigger for your bladder. Have no clue why, but I have heard other people discuss this as well.

    Good luck with your further diaper endeavors. You'll always have someone to answer your questions here.

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    Yes congrats on peeing your first diaper it does get easier as you do it more. Here is a helpful tip i got from a friend. next time you want to pee your diaper go stand in front of the toilet but dont pull it down just go like normal. I hope this helps it did me when i first started peeing in my own diapers

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    My suggestion is don't try and push it out. Your bladder has been trained to keep the tubes tightly closed against pressure. What you need to do instead is relax. Be absolutely still and quiet, breath gently. Think about warm foamy waves sliding up a sandy beach. Say to yourself, "I'm ready to pee now, it's okay to pee now".

    And I agree with the others, it's much much easier if you're standing up at first. After so many years of your brain automatically managing your bladder, you've probably forgotten what that muscle feels like. But once you've gone a few times standing up you may rediscover that muscle and more easily release any time you want.

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    Congratulations on your first time. It's been over three years for me, but I definitely remember the experience. Our bodies are trained from childhood (unless you happen to be IC) to keep the bladder closed against all kinds of pressure, and that it's only ok to relieve that pressure in front of a toilet. My first few times trying, I laid down on my bed and tried to force it with absolutely no luck, all I felt was a slight pain. So I decided to attempt doing it while standing up. Unfortunately back then I wasn't brave enough to try wearing diapers yet, my supply mostly consisted of Goodnites. So when the floodgates finally opened, I greatly overestimated capacity and ended up with an extremely leaky Goodnite and a wet bed. (Yes, I was standing on my bed.) A wet Goodnite is extremely uncomfortable to sleep in and leaks like crazy when you lie down, so eventually I pursued other alternatives.
    Currently, that consists of an ABU SDK.

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    Thanks for the advices, everyone! Really appreciated. Next time, I will try sitting on a toilet instead, see if that helps. Also, another thanks for sharing your experiences. Then I know that all I have to do is to simply practice diaper wetting until I'm good at it (Even though that sounds pretty weird :S).

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    Or you could try standing in front of the toilet / urinal. I think I'd find it harder sitting down on my diaper than standing.

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    It is probably easiest to wet while standing up at first, lying down, or lying on a bed is difficult, heck after years of doing it I struggle to do it on my bed, anywhere else in other positions is fine.

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    After reading additional posts here, it sounds like there's a lot of individuality regarding what works and what doesn't work. I also agree with Tribbles, relaxation is a huge factor with a lot of people. Oddly, me having sexual thoughts helps me get the flow going, LOL.

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    It really helps to relax rather than push. I've heard that if you take a half breath and just hold your breath it eventually lead you to feel the need to pee. For me I used to stand in front of the toilet and touch myself like normal. Then I was able to go anywhere as long as I touched myself. Nowadays I can go anywhere and in basically any position even upside down. Everything gets easier the more times you do it. Next time though enjoy your wet diaper. That's like the best part. Don't just change after a few minutes. stay wet for at least like 30 minutes to an hour.

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